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Precious Jiuzhaigou National Park

 2014-03-24    heimizhou    Sights    Aba Prefecture    957  

I would never forget this park. The gorgeous reputation attracted me to pay a visit there. It had been admitted into the World Natural Heritage List decades ago. The primitive gate was built with Tibetan characters. The park is located in Jiuzhaigou count, the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Nationality Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan province. It literally implicated that there were nine valleys. They were Heye, Panya, Yala, Zechawa, Rexi, Heijiao, Guodu, Shuzheng and Jianpan, which covered an area of 80 square kilometers, and was informed due to geographic movement. Shaped like a “Y”, it includes 108 lakes, 17 waterfalls, 12 streams, and 47 springs.

Its unique landscape attracted tourists from China and abroad where the water was so clean to see its bottom easily and clearly even at a high place. My friend Tom who was a photographer said there were no other water could interest him after he visited Jiuzhaigou. When his camera focused on me, he said: “Hold that pose. Ok, all right.” He snapped many nice pictures of me. I magnified those pictures and hung them on my bedroom. It is the best place for many artists and students from Academy of Fine Arts to do sketch and creative work. The guide Miss Zhang also told us a folk tale. The gist of the story was: Long time ago, two hill deities fell in love with each other and they planned to live in Jiuzhaigou. But a devil called Shemozha loved the female deity he made a battle outbreak between Dage and the devil. The female deity dropped her precious mirror to the ground because she was so scared. The mirror was broken into many pieces and immediately turned into more than a hundred mountains and lakes. This story tells how Jiuzhaigou came into being with a lively beautiful story.

We saw most of the dense forest growing beside the road, evergreen and colorful leaf plants. Such as: pine, fir, dragon spruce and hemlock which were evergreen plants. And there were many red leaves plants as well, such as the maple, tiller and other plants with red leaves. Every valley had its remarkable scenery. Take the Shuzheng Valley for example, there were at least 20 scenic spots, such as: Reed Lake, Rhinoceros Lake and so on. Some fish swim in the lakes where there were a variety of water plants. Swimming ducks and swans was commonly seen everywhere. After the experience of all these beautiful scenery which was breathtaking, we fell into love with the forests, pools, waterfalls and lakes there. As the two days journey approached to the end, we were reluctantly to return home. Jiuzhaigou Park is a really a fairyland whose beauty is indescribable. When you go there personally and you will sure be attracted by it.

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