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Prince Bay Park – Lovers Rendezvous Corner

 2014-10-07    Seven    Sights    Hangzhou    4002  

Prince Bay Park is one of the most beautiful landmark parks in Zhejiang province! Driving along the Nanshan Road in Hangzhou city, you will enter into the park through the Taiziwan Gate. This Bay Park is part of West Lake Scenic Area and is certainly one of the most beautiful gardens that attract lots of tourists from all over the world. Prince Bay Park is designed on the premise of keeping the Chinese traditional charismatic features. It is a combination of western life style and the Chinese ambience. In this park, tourists can experience something different that don’t exist.

The park is also called as Taiziwan Park. The best time to visit the park is spring. Spring is the blooming season; the entire area will be blossomed with various plants like, apple, cherry and wild plants. The park is very close to the down town area of Hangzhou. This is some of the rare parks, where you can find such a relaxing, sooth beautiful garden within such a short proximity of the city. The park is a good place, where people can take a relaxing brake from their tough busy life. The park is sprawled over an area of 197 acres.

This is actually a lover’s paradise. The park is designed so romantically that it becomes a good rendezvous location. Couples prefer to come to this garden get married or spend some meaningful moments of their life. There are very romantic locations designed for wedding purposes. Couples can select these locations as the ideal place for their marriage. As the marriage ceremonies are being experimented with various socio-economic situation of the society, the couple can select or even create theme wedding.

The wedding site shall be conducted in ceremonial style. The couples and friends can hold white doves and release them to the sky. Special decorated dais shall be arranged by the park authorities. Large bottle of champagne and red wedding cards shall be provided to the couples. The wedding ceremony will be complete with declaration of 'union of wine cups'. The bride and grooms will be taken in red - chariot and driven through the garden. The wine will be shared and distributed to the friends and relative precent. After all these halloo-bolo the couple shall be guided to a beautifully decorated small honeymoon cottage.

The entire process will be so funny and memorable in the couples’ heart. That is the key point of these lavish wedding. This is the main attraction of the Prince Bay Park and that is why this park is being attracted by lot of lovers. If you want to get an unforgettable memory, take your lover to the park.

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