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Purple Romance-Lavender Happy Field

 2014-05-10    sonrisabai    Activities    Qingdao    1411  

What comes to your mind when it comes to the color of romance? For me, it’s lavender purple. Lavendar is also one of my favorite flowers. It has so many nice meanings, for example, it represents grace, elegance, romance, something unique and special. For the more superstitious, lavendar is a way to avert “evil eye”. The name lavender comes from the Latin lavare, "to wash," since it was often used in bath and laundry waters. Provonce is always my dreamland but it’s hard to travel abroad when you have to deal with daily stuff. Now I don’t have to go far to see lavendar field, there’s one in my province.

Lavender Happy Field is situated in beautiful Jiaozhou county, Qingdao city, Shandong province. It’s been well known for its heavenly scenery of lavender field and other colorful flower field, covering an area of 350 acre. The design of this tourist spot is a combination of TOMITA farm in Japan and Provence Manor in France. Besides lavender field, they also have western church, childrens’ wonderland, peacock house, rabbit hut and some restaurants around the area.

I got in from the south entrance, first thing came into my sight was shops full of lavander products such as sachet, soup, essential oil, hydrolat, anything you could think of, you could find it here. I stood there for a while and enjoyed the soothing fragrance in the shop. Time for some flower sight-seeing! After walking out of shop, I saw a yellow sunflower field. It’s so big, about a hundred acres. I’ve never seen so many sunflowers, better, it’s flowering season now! What a fantastic view!

I stood in the boundless lavender sea and took a deep breath, trying to savor this amazing moment with all my heart. Warm idle breeze touched my face gently, bringing lavender fragrance to my nose. Everything was romantic in this purple air, in this very special moment. Best time to thinking about all the romantic love stories I’ve read. It would be really nice just lying among the lavender sea and taking a you-don’t-know-how-long nap. If only I could live here as long as I want, if only life could be that easy, if only life was no strings attached. Just a wish, it never could come true.

In Seven-colored Flowers Field, there grows seven different color flowers, which are purple, bright yellow, light green, red, white and others. In spring, there is pink flower sea of sakura, during summer and autumn, there is yellow flower sea of lavender and sunflower. The flowering season here is from July to September, middle July is the perfect time for flower seeing. Standing on the flowering watching platform and looking down, seven colored flowered formed a giant colorful flower carpet, reaching up to the clear blue sky, like a seven-colored rainbow! 

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