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Puzhehei – Wonderful Landscape

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The meaning of Puzhehei in Yi people language is “a lake with lots of fish and shrimps”! The crystal clear water is extremely transparent like a clear glass and one can see the deep bed of the lake.Puzhehei is a wonderful landscape with lake, karst caves, mountains and hills is a virgin land and considered as an ideal location to spend your vacation time with family and friends.This area is just 7 kilometer away from Qiubei and 175 kilometer away from Kunming. 


The area is inhabited by Yi, Zhuang, Yao, Miao and Bai tribes. People generally wear traditional costumes and silver ornaments and carry the nostalgicmemories of old Chinese culture. This is relatively less crowded area. Definite mix of old tradition and modern life style brings contrasting life experience once you visit this beautiful location.

One of the joyful activities of the tour is the 13 mile long cruise through the three lakes namely Xianrean, Puzhehei and Luoshuidong. Puzhehei Lake is bordered with lot of mountains in one side and Yi community valley on other side. Some of the lake side is 13 feet deep.Tourists areencouraged to take dive or take bath in the clean water lake. There are floating restaurants in the lake where you can enjoy the magic of lake fish, fresh barbecued fish with corn and tofu.The lake is rich with lotus.The floating restaurants can offer you lotus seed porridge, rice and chicken cooked and wrapped in lotus leaves.


The perfect season to visit Puzhehei is during May to September.June and July are the seasons of water Lilly blooming.So make sure to visit Puzhehei during this season so that you can watch the largest natural show case of Lilly bloom, a very rare opportunity. 

Bus services are available from Kunming main bus station to Puzhehei.Also from Western bus terminal of Kunming, bus services are operating toPuzhehei.The journey will take 4 hour to cover the distance to take you to Quibei County and from there tourists can engage taxi or mini bus to Puzhehei. Good accommodations are available in Puzhehei and Quibei. Accommodationis cheap in Quibei than Puzhehei Holiday Village.


However, finding an accommodating for CNY 100 at Holiday Village at Puzhehei can be considered as an affordable option.The nearest airport to Puzhehei is WenshanPuzhehei.The airport is well connected with other domestic airports.The bus charges from Kunming or from West Passenger Bus Terminal is CNY 45 per head for day time trip and CNY 65 per head for the night trip.The bus trip will end at the County seat of Qiubei and from there tourist has to negotiate by taxi or special tourist bus service.

Puzhehei4.jpgThe area is opened for tourist from 8:30 am to 17:30 pm in the evening. Among the best places to visit the location is the immortal cave. It is only 12 kilometer from Puzhehei village. There are 56 lakes and all these lakes are clean and with crystal clear water.Further there are 83 caves in different sizes to add the thrill of the trip.One of the localfestivals is the Painted - Face Festival, which should not be missed to watch.

This unique festival is conducted with grand gala opening ceremony and followed by fish catching competition, water splashing and face painting carnival etc.During the paint festival chimney soot is pasted and applied on the face of othersas a good wishes gesture.Do not miss this traditional galore of excitement. Be there on time!

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