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Quzhou Travel Tips

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Quzhou is located in the west side of Zhejiang province, it is a one of the famous historic and cultural city in China. In addition there is a famous town which has more than 1,800 years old, this town named Jiangnan ancient Chinese town. And this place abounds with citrus.
Now, I would like to have a brief introduction about Quzhou. If you are preparing to visit Quzhou, then you must know these things about Quzhou, I’m sure it is helpful for you all to have a trip in here.

Climate of Quzhou

Quzhou is the a Subtropical Monsoon Climate zone, and has four seasons. But the summer of Quzhou is very long, and the spring and autumn are very short. The annual average temperature here is around 16.3 to 17.3 degrees, the average temperature on Jan is 4.5 to 5.3 degrees and the average temperature of July is between 27.6 to 29.2 degrees. The pluvial periods are March to June mostly every year. Then choose a season which you like to visit this place, and pay more attention to the climate before you get going.

Transportation of Quzhou

You could visit Quzhou by plane, train and bus, and boat is also ok, if you have no seasickness.
Before you act you plan, you would better check each way to the destination online. Then you could avoid some unnecessary trouble.

Festival Customs

Because of Quzhou is near by the Fujian province, Jiangxi province and Anhui province, then its culture is influenced by the people around ( including eating habits, building characteristic and customs). As the times go by, due to the native people’s smart, they founded their own special culture also. Such as native people will prepare Zhongzi in the Spring Festival ( basically, most of Chinese won’t eat this food in the Spring Festival).


I’m not sure that the native people are the pure Buddhist or not, but Quzhou has a lot of Buddhist temples, such as the Tianning temple, Mituo temple, Xishan temple, Dongyue temple, Jiuhua mountain temple and Baoyan temple etc... And this place has Taoist temple also.
With the development of the times, Quzhou has Christian. The most famous case is the “Quzhou Jiaoan” in 1900.
What kind of religion you have, you could pray in one of the temple.

1. Quzhou has a World Natural Heritage which is the Jianglang mountain of Jiangshan.
2. I have mentioned the Quzhou’s temples and religions before, these temples have attracted a lot of people to visit especially. As your doubt, these temples are the ancient Chinese builds.
3.How could I miss my favorite part- the food. Quzhou has a lot of special food, such as Quzhou scones, Quzhou sesame cake and eight-treasure pickles 

Anyway, Quzhou is a great place for traveling. But every good place still needs to prepare well also. Please prepare of everything perfect before you go and have a good trip in Quzhou.

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