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Rainbow valley

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I had a great day at the underground valley. When I was having dinners at the hotel, I overhead someone saying “rainbow valley”. Seriously? I have never seen a real rainbow in my life, wasn’t lucky enough, and of course I wouldn’t let such a great opportunity slip away through my finger. I grabbed some bite, went back to my room, and started checking Rainbow valley online. Even looking at those pictures made me want to go there right now!

Many tourists came here to see the rainbow but ended up with falling in love with other entertainment spots. There were also “Snow Lotus Lake”,”Valentines Valley”, “Happy Valley”,” Field Valley”, “Grass Skating” and other interesting projects.

I headed directly to the rainbow valley when I got in, the mountain air is so fresh, I wish I could breathe air like this everyday instead of automobile exhaust in the city. The rainbow here was to use artificial rain with sun reflections thus creating rainbow under the bright sky. After a short while walking, I heard the the sound of water falling down from the above. Yayyy! I was getting closer. I joined the crowd and got an orange umbrella from the staff, in their words, you will need it later.

I knew no rain no rainbows but I still felt like a fool, standing there with an umbrella , under the burning sun. Then we walked through the Rainbow Gate, the rain started pouring down the second we stepped in. At this time, tour guide screamed,”Stay back to the sun and look downwards, then you will see the rainbow!” Everyone did what she said, so was I. I saw it! Seven bright colors all shining together under the sun. There was a familiar song coming to my ear, “Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dream s that you dare to dream really do come true..”

My second destination was Valentines Valley. Just like its name, the valley was full of romantic touch. First thing in sight was 999-rose gallery, on top of it, there was the Love God-Cupid. I walked through Heart-connecting Bridge,stepped in Heart-together gate and sat in Moon-watching pavilion for a while. Fragrance of love was filling the air.They built some small wood cabins with different styles, trying to create a perfect romantic place for lovers here.

When I was wandering outside those lovely cabins, some traditional Chinese music came into my ear and it felt so familiar. Ahha! Music for traditional Chinese wedding ceremony. I used to hear it all the time when I was a little girl, back then, there was no such a thing as church wedding for Chinese. I took a few quick steps to the sound, and saw there was a performance about Chinese wedding ceremony in the old way. Bride was wearing a cheongsam in bright red that's beautifully made and bridegroom was red clothes too. Red is a symbol of lucky and prosperity in China, no wonder it's become the wedding color.

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