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Romantic Canyon for Lovers - Jin River Grand Canyon

 2014-05-31    sonrisabai    Tours    Mudanjiang    2352  

The first time I got to know about Jin River Great Canyon was from some seasoned photographs on some random blog. Autumn grand canyon looks like colorful painting, yellow and red leaves are everywhere on the hillside; in winter, it turns into a cool silver band, standing alone in the cold winter. I was surprised to see there was still so beautiful canyon. They say the best time to visit here is spring. 

Jin River Great Canyon is situated in the eastern side of the Lesser Hinggan, with a length around 10 kilometers. Its deepest area can reach up to 100 meters and the river looks like a Omega symbol cutting by unique mountain shape. The valley bottom is filled with fully-blossomed azalea, every year the local government would hold “Azalea Cultural Festival” to attract more tourists and enjoy the view. Taking their advice, I took a trip here in early spring this year.

It is pretty interesting how people found it. The story began with a random hunting in the year of 2008. One day some local hunter was chasing after a giant boar for miles and ended up on a top hill, but the boar was no where to be found. He was so exhausted and lied there for a while. When he felt better, he got up and then he was completely dumbfounded by what was in front of him. Under the setting sun, the valley besides the river formed a beautiful arch, just like a semicircle upside down, in the distance, yellow leaves mixing with tall green trees. He never knew the view from the top was so amazing,

Looking at the grand canyon from the mountain top, you could see two wooden decks hung in the air, reaching to the deep of the valley. Walking down through birch and Dahurian birch woods was the best choice, with fresh wild grapes and Schisandra chinensis scattered everywhere on hillside. Schisandra chinensis was the genuine medicinal plant in northeast china. According to traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s good for lung and kidney.

There were five observation decks in the mountain, with more than 5000 meters wooden deck. Number 1 and 2 decks could lead to the valley bottom but there was no road under, you have to go back with the same route which was pretty tiresome. So I took a small circuit but it still took me almost 2 hours, it was so big!

What makes it different from other canyons was the “Lovers Canyon” which represented yin and yang-the perfect harmony of Men and Women. Its whole view could be seen from newly-built sight-seeing deck. If I wasn’t being told it’s connection of two canyons, I would have completely lost after walking so long. They said such special-shaped canyon could only be seen in here. Lovers really should come here and feel the magic of nature, and if they were lucky enough, also get some blessings and live happily ever after.

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