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Row Row Row the Boat Across West Lake!

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The beauty of the West Lake in Hangzhou has been described by the famous Song dynasty poet Su Dongpo as having the beauty of that like Xizi, one of the Four Great Beauties of China. Visiting the lake through the different seasons you can always experience a different atmosphere discover something new each time. The scenes of Hangzhou represent sights during different seasons and the time of day that can truly reflect the magnificent aura of the magical West Lake.

Separated into several areas the West Lake has some of the most unique scenery with gardens, temples, pagodas and many more natural sights that will have you whisked away in to a fairytale like world. Some of the most memorable sights to visit at Hangzhou’s West Lake are: Broken Bridge, Su Causeway, Quyuan Brewery, Peaceful Lake, Leifeng Pagoda and Nanping Hill.

You can admire the Leifeng Pagoda while drifting across the West Lake. 

Admire the Peaceful Lake under the moon lit sky. 

Besides the unbelievably beautiful sceneries and landscape the West Lake also has some of the most spectacular entertainment like no other. The musical fountain at the West Lake which is synchronized with the most dreamy music will have captivated and enthralled with the most wonderful performance you can imagine.

The breathtaking music fountain is synchronized with the most wonderful music.  

When in Hangzhou and visiting the West Lake there is absolutely one thing that cannot be missed and that is seeing “Impression of West Lake.” What makes this production so appealing is that it is actually performed on the West Lake itself and as a production under the famous Zhang Yimou production company. Comprising of the most intricately choreographed dance sequences and incorporating the most touching music and light technology be prepared to be amazed by the most magical performances you will experience at the symbolic West Lake. 

One of the most magnificent scenes on the lake. 

Amazing colorful performance of Impression of the West Lake. 

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