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Ruggedly Shapotou in Ningxia

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In southwest China--Ningxia, there is a place name Shapotou, which the ruggedly desert can extend out the precise emotions; to go sand-boarding, go adventurous, ride the sheepskin raft along the river, to appreciate the moon in the night, enjoy the bonfire and sense the dreaming symphony between nature and human beings, it would be a different experience in your life.

There are places and spots in Shapotou that you cannot missed, first is the sand-boarding. Water here is flowing by leaning the sand mountains, river is banked with sand mountains, too, they depend on each other; if it is a sunny day, if you go down along the sand slope, there will be a sound of buzzing which is as if the long blew of golden clock; therefore, here is famous for this and named as Shapo clock sound and it is one of the four sound sands in China.

The second place is to go adventurous in the desert. Suppose you were the first time to go to the sea and become so excited and thrill, it is the same feeling and experience if you firstly go to this endless sand sea. The vast, treacherous and mysterious of the desert can shock you so much that you cannot help exploring it. As a result, the adventurous by riding the camel has become one of the famous items in the modern tourism, or in other words, desert adventurous in Shapotou is your best choice.

The third one is to ride sheepskin raft wandering along the yellow water, if it is not the yellow water in the river, you would think that you are in the south China, green belts are passing by, which is as beautiful and comfortable as in the south China.

As for the travel in Shapotou, bus from Zhongwei to Shapotou starts from 06:30 to 18:30, which is about one bus in half hour. Food there includes roast sheep back, brine tofu, sheep meat noodles, sheep offal, malt sugar of Hui nationality, boiled mutton and fried dough twist, etc. It would be a rich and delicious meat dinner.

Well, after going through a-full-day traveling, let’s have a rest and find a good accommodation, Holiday Inn in Zhongwei Shapotou, which faces to the Yellow river and backs to the grassland and desert, is located closely to the first 5A tourism belts. It is one of the holiday hotel with desert style and garden sense, and the first international hotel in Ningxia. With the distance about 22km from Zhongwei to the citer center,the traveling is convenient that you can appreciate the beautiful scenery of Shapotou.

The holiday village in the Koh Lan leisure cottage is located in the northwest developing Tengri wetland, this holiday village integrates the horse zone lake, Gaodun lake and Huangcao lake and other large or small lakes together to become the linkage belts between desert and plain, regard it as your holiday place would be awesome and magnificent.

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