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Sanya and Yanoda Trip

 2013-11-16    Nancy     Tours    Sanya    2033  

I like beach & sunshine, and hope can live around it.
This trip began with the special rates of air ticket. 2013-3-16 Beijing Nanyuan airport to Sanya airport and 2013-3-20 Haikou airport to Beijing Nanyuan airport, two flights within tax, totally was RMB 1228/PAX. Travel to Hainan, the flights in Sanya and out from Haikou or in Haikou out from Sanya always can get special rates, especial on Mar and Nov. Dec to Feb is high season for Hainan.

I was wondering which places I would go for Hainan trip and who can accompany me to Hannai before departure. I found a girl from Douban website, where we can ask questions and get answers. Booked a hotel from costing RMB150/R/N, cut the bill into two, I only paid RMB75/Bed/night* 4 ns=RMB300 total for my accommodation. With a balcony front of the window, the price was really worthy. And the hotel provides chairs on the roof under which can chat under the stars and sound waves.

Arrived Sanya at 4pm, it took 20 minutes from airport by bus to the hotel. It only needs RMB4/PAX. Of course, I had checked the map and knew where I should get off. The hotel was about 100m awat from the beach. After checked in, I relaxed myself on the beach.

After dinner, walking on the main streets of Sanya, I knew what I would like to have dinner for the following days. At midnight, the girl arrived, actually we had discuss for a week where we planed to go and what we planed to eat. During the week, we tested each other and considered the personality of each other. Don’t play with strangers randomly. 

Day 2, we joined a day tour to Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone. Yanoda means 1, 2, and 3 in localism. In cultural tourism zone, it has new meaning. Ya means creation; No means promise; Da means practice. So putting them together, “yanoda” means welcome and good luck. In the zone every staff would say “Yanoda”. Yanoda is composed by 9 sections. I only visited some part of them for the tourism zone was still being built. I took deep breath so many times. 

There were some programs like team building, climbing and so on. How wonderful it was to have some coconut juice and spend a day in Yanoda.
If you don’t like Day Tour, you can take the shuttle bus form the Mingzhu Square in the downtown to Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone. (Set off on 9am, back on 3 pm). Entrance ticket is RMB150/PAX; green bus on the zone is RMB50/PAX.

My Yanoda day tour ended and I dropped to the hotel at 5pm. It was a little cold to swim at 5pm. But I grew up in a mountain town. I was excited to see ocean and I enjoyed swimming in the ocean. I can’t help to swimming for this was my first time accommodated near sea. I thought it was wonderful.

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