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Scent of Auspicious-Qilin Moutain

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Qilin Moutain is located in the western suburbs of Jidong county, Heilongjiang province. It is one of the top 10 tourists attractions of Jiqi city. The most well-known of Qilin mountain is the Qilin Peak. The southern peak looks like the head of Qilin, with mountain ranges stretched endless like the body of Qilin, just like a big Qilin crouching there. That is why it got the name-Qilin Mountain. Local people regard the mountain as god and a sign of auspicious.

Qilin, also known as “Pere David’s deer”, is the traditional Chinese mythical beasts. Legend has it that it is a mild beast with life span more than two thousand years. Ancient Chinese think where there is Qinlin, there is auspicious.They name the male as Qi and the female as Lin. It got head like horse, body like deer and tales like dragon. It stands for peace and longevity. Chinese like to make some small ornaments and decoration with it, hoping for a blessed and smooth life.

Before we get in, the park gate already attract everyone’s attention. It is about 8 meters high and 20 meters in width, adopting the traditional Chinese architectural styles. Golden glass tiles, enamel colored drawing,bright red gate post, granitic base, all of these make people feel a unique art of architecture. Passing through the gate and after a short while driving along the mountain road, we reach Qilin Manor. Qilin peak is right across the manor.

The best part of Qilin mountain is its incredible natural landscape. There are some major tourist spots such us Ausipicious Qilin,Crouching God, Camel Peak, artificial waterfall, strange rock, precious birds garden and others.

My favorite place is birds garden. This is the perfect evidence of human and birds living in harmony. You can see many precious birds species which are very rare to be seen in anywhere else, like white swan and red crowned crane, and other beautiful birds. Tourists are allowed to feed those cute birds or take photos to capture the moment. If you like excitement and speed, do not miss out horse racetrack. They prepare strong Mongol horses for tourists to ride horses on sand land.

There is an Ancient Chinese torture devices exhibition hall from across the mountain, which is one and only in China. Taking a short tour inside, you would be amazed how evil human can be. How on earth could they invented such tool? Never dig the nature of human too deep, especially the evil side.

If you came to Qilin Mountain in winter, you get the chance to enjoy the funniest part of the park-skiing. As the resort of The Second International Skiing Festival, go for a skiing here would be more desirable. It is about 600 meters in length and 60 meters in width, the average gradient of 20 degrees. New to skiing? No worries. They have professional skiing coach ready for you. All you have to do is enjoy every minute of it.

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