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Seac Pai Van Park in Macau

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Seac Pai Van Park is located besides the Shi Paiwan Road, in the northwest of Luhuan Island in Macau, also one of the largest country park in the city. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t a beautiful park at the first place. Firstly used as a big farm about 40 years ago, it was home to many orphans raised by some kind and nice priests. In 1985, the Macau government decided to change it as the country park. The opening ceremony was held by the president of Portugal.


Luhuan island covers an area of about 7.6 square meters, even larger than Macau peninsular. When Macau peninsular has become a joint place for Western and Asian business transactions, Luhuan island is still a hangout place for pirates. Because it is less developed, everything on the island is keep in an original way, green plants and trees everywhere, birds singing,  with really nice beach and small route for a random walk. The highlight of the island are its black sand and Bamboo bay. Today it has turned into a hot leisure spot for tourists from all directions.

If you think this is just some kind place you can only enjoy beautiful scenery, you are way wrong. Inside the park, there are also tons of health facilities such as a route for healthy walking, a small child amusement park, a small lake, a bird-watching zone, a nice patch for camping, a herbal plants garden and a flowers garden. Sounds pretty cool right? You might wonder, what if I get lost? No worries, they have an tourist inquiry office. All you need to do is relax and have a great time. In addition, rumors has it that somewhere inside a cave of the park, there is a hiding place for a pirate in Qing dynasty. True or not, no one knows. But it does add a mysterious touch to this amazing place.

Bird-watching garden is a giant cage covering an area of nearly 1000 square meters, with more than 100 species living inside. Close your eyes and take a moment to feel those lovely birds, you would feel like you are somewhere in a jungle faraway from the city. There is also displaying a small plane, which is the crashing plane flying from Portugal to Macau in 1987. When it was fully repaired, the Portugal government gave it back to Macau.

The greatest feature of the park is probably the walking routes with beautiful views. It is located about 100 meters high mountain top, where you can see the general shape of whole island. Taking a walk in such great environment is a pure joy, feeling the touch of gentle sea breeze brushing over your face.For those who like excitement and the rush of adrenaline, come to the small car racing track. It is not really as small as it sounds. There are 7 car racing tracks inside, with a capacity of over 200 small racing cars. At night, they also have spotlight for the game.

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