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Shajiabang Reed Marshes Scenic Spot

 2014-09-24    Young    Sights    Jiangsu    1545  

Shajiabang reed marshes scenic spot has become a demonstrative base of education in patriotism in the country, the national hundred red tourism classic tourist attraction, national AAAAA grade of the tourist zone and one of the largest ecological wetland in the East China area. Shajiabang reed marshes scenic spot is located on approximately 6,000 hectares by the beautiful shores of the Yancheng Lake Kunshan, Jiangsu province, with the most convenient traffic.

The scenery area is abundant with tourism resources including the majestic natural scenery, historical relics and superior ecological environment. Thus it has many superior conditions suitable for tourism exploitation. Many functional areas like revolutionary tradition education zone, aquatic plant appreciating area, Hongshi folk culture village, reeds maze on land and water and delicacy shopping area have been set up in the scenic beauty.

The four colors travelling in Shajiabang like the red education tourism focusing on traditional education, green ecology tourism centering in visits and vacations, golden delicacy tourism featured by tasting marine products and spectacular movie and television culture with the ancient town culture as the highlight had enjoyed the high reputation throughout the world. The Shajiabang reed marshes scenic area was so famous because of, a Beijing Opera and has become a must for a vocation in Changshu.

The Hengjing old street is the water country base for the movies had further enhanced the supporting capacity of red tourism; reinforce the ornamental and educational features of the tourist spot. The Zhanyang square occupied a ground space of 13,300 square meters. At the center of the square stood the impressionistic and large-scale statues created around a series of images, which vividly revealed the subject of the deep affection between the army and the people as inseparable as fish and water.

With the block shapes and sharp skin texture effect contrast, the 18 sculptured pillars that symbolized the sick and wounded of the New Fourth Army displayed to the fullest extent the revolutionary spirit of no bending down even in overwhelming force for the sick and wounded of the New Fourth Army.

The reeds active zone is the nucleus of the whole scenic spot, which is divided into two area including water reeds maze on land and land reeds maze, crisscrossed river port and dense reeds, which had formed the watery or land space with various features like being broad, long narrow, tranquil and secluded, as well as irregular.

These individual mazes could provide the visitor with the perfect place to seek the rustic charm and experience the reed marshes scenes of the New Fourth Army. The farmhouse garden is another glaring achievement of the reeds active zone. The waterwheel, ox wagon, windmill, farm boats displayed a finished enjoyment of farmer living.

Hongshi village is a comprehensive expression of buildings with elements featured in the lower reaches of Yangtze River. These buildings nestling the water had different features. The waterside pavilion and loading bridge leaded the visitors to the thicket of aquatic plant in the adjoining aquatic plant appreciated spot. The picturesque scene was a feast for the eyes. 

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