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Shaoxing Rice Wine

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The famous of Shaoxing Town benefits a lot from Luxun, a great literary revolutionary in China as Shaoxing is his hometown . If you want to describe this obscure and quiet south town, no more is better than clearly as chrysanthemum. No matter it is the first time for arriving at here, or plan to live here for a very long time, Shaoxing is gonna be a place which to give you peace and comfortable, driving away your trouble on head as well. Again, once you travel to Shaoxing, do not miss these following things and places, or you can’t say that you’ve ever been here.

1. Shaoxing Rice Wine

There are more than 2,500 years old of this Shaoxing rice wine, which can be divided into three categories, the Osmanthus Fragrans' Zhuang Yuan Hong, Shao XingJi-aFan and Shanniang; it is one of the most important parts to taste the wine for Shaoxing people and it hasn’t changed even many years have passed. The most classical and fantastic image in Shaoxing is that one old man was walking along the skew wind and drizzle rain slowly with a bow of wine in one hand and drink. But do you know how to make this Shaoxing rice wine? I beg you don’t. It takes water from Jian lake and adopts the perfect sticky rice that once you drink it, it makes you feel soft and tender, no any irritative sense left. Even though you are a girl that not used to drink, you can try it for a little, you will feel your body is getting hotter and hotter. The best places for tasting this wine are include Xianheng grogshop, go boating with wine, and the grogshop or teashop in the alley, you can either taste the drink or read its history. 

2. Water Alley

You need to come near to the local people to understand their dairy lives should you want to experience or sense a city. People in Shaoxing would rather live along aside the river or lake side, style of most of the houses in Shaoxing is the brick stair-step shape with one or two floors, houses are located between sides of rivers, forming the famous water alley same as an old poet of small bridge running.

3. Old Bridge & The Ancient Paths

Shaoxing town is also famous as the museum of bridge, with history and culture of Shaoxing for many years. The most celebrated and distinguished bridge there is the splayed bridge in Yuecheng area, which was built in Song Dynastic, it stays in the splayed shaped whatever angles or positions you stand at.

Former residence. Shaoxing is also the hometown of famous people, you can easily meet into the former residence, such as Xizhi Wang, Qiujin and Yuanpei Cai, as well as the Baicao Garden and Three-Flavor Study are available.

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