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Shenzhen Theme Park OCT East

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If you have already visited Hong Kong  Disneyland and Ocean Park yet still looking for something new to explore,  Shenzhen OCT East would be a good choice. As China’s first Special Economic  Zone, Shenzhen is a now one of the largest and wealthiest cities in China. It  is located immediately north of Hong Kong so it’s easy to travel between these  two cities.


Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) East is located  in Dameisha, Yantian District, roughly a 50-minute ride from downtown by bus or  taxi. Best known as “Swiss mountain” theme park and resort complex in Shenzhen,  it offers rides, golf, dance show, luxury hotels, restaurants, spas and a Swiss  village where you could spend most of your day or even a week! It is suggested  to arrive early to beat the long entry lines of visitors on weekends or  holidays.

With an area of almost 9 square kilometers,  you’ll surely need to get a map before starting your tour. There are three  major theme parks in OCT East: Knight Valley, Tea Stream Valley and Wind Valley  and each theme park contains various attractions for leisure and fun.


Knight Valley

Once you enter, the first park you will  arrive is Knight Valley. Go to Water Park to experience fantastic water  entertainment activities: u-shaped slide, wave pool and indoor drifting. If you  prefer quiet stroll outdoor, you should not miss Rapids Forest which has China’s  largest coastal waterfall with width of 300m and drop of 42m. Seafield Village  is another good spot for walking. It is an American-style town with wine  culture theme where you can treat yourself with tasty food and wine.


Tea Stream Valley

Wetland Garden is the first stop where you  can enjoy the botanical garden and beautiful flower fields. Next, proceed to  Interlaken Town, the famous “Swiss town” which was constructed in accordance  with the European style. Its romantic charm attracts many newly-wed couples to  come here for taking wedding photos. In Ancient Tea Town, you may watch a tea  ceremony performed by an elegant tea master and immerse yourself in the  beautiful sceneries of tea fields and bamboo forest.


Wind Valley

If you like to play golf, Wind Valley is  just the place for you. It has two high-grade 18-hole golf courses and a  driving range with 66 hitting bays.



There is one dance show about stories of  Chinese tea culture and one live-action stunt show simulating a Hollywood  action movie.

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