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Shidong Village Cultural Festivals

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Shidong Village is a Miao ethnic villages located 38 kilometer away from the Taijiang County on the banks of Qingshui River. Qingshui River flows through Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture and join with Dongting Lake. Along the river there are 77 Miao and Dong Villages engaged in various activities and out of these entire villages Shidong Village is prominent in cultural activities.These unique culture specialties are being attract tourists across the country.

Some of the spectacular festivals are the Sisters' Meal Festival and Dragon Boat Festival. From the historical aspects, tourists can see Su Mansion which is a Han style building built during Qing Dynasty.Further, tourists can also visit Two Lake Hall and various other historically important locations.

Blessed with a land of singing and dancing, the ethnic community is all set to steal your heart with their innocent cultural activities. Trekking around the village take you to the old memories of their rich past history. The deserted cemeteries of Ming and Qing Dynasties are all definitely gives you a ripples of the rich past history. While visiting the Shidong Village, be prepared to watch some of the important festivals which are conducted every year. You can plan your trip in such a way to make sure that you are there on those festival occasions.

Laoyu Festival (Fish Catching Festival): It is an amazing experience if you can also participate in the festiveal where you can expereince the uniqueness of the festival.This is being conducted on the first day of first lunar month.
Jingqio Fesival (Bridge Worship Festival): This is conducted on the second day of the second lunar month.
Sisters' Meal Festival:This colorful festival is being conducted on the 15th day of third lunar month.
Buffalo Worship Festival: This festival is conducted on the 8th day of fourth lunar month.
Miao Dragon Boat Festival: This is one of the very important festivals after the Sister's Festival conducted on 25th day of firth lunar month.
Eat New Harvest Festival: Considered to be the last festival Shidong Village, this is being conducted seventh lunar month of every year.

Sister' Meal Festival
This is considered as the Valentine's Day celebration of Miao people and has all the vigor and spontaneous actions to honor the emotional quotient of the love relationship. During this festival boys and girls shall be having music contest which is a blissful event. Apart this, there will be bullfight, drum beating and the cultural dance Lusheng. It is an occasion for Miao boys to win the heart of their lover.Boys will take this chance to express their love and sing enthusiastically. Girls will take this opportunity as a rare occasion to display their charm and their artistic skills in embroidery works. Tourist can have the rare chance to see the traditional costumes and jewelries of Miao community.

Miao Dragon Boat Festival
This festival will be staged on the 24th day of the fifth lunar month and will last for 3 to 4 days. Large fir trucks are carved in to canoes. The main boat or the mother boat shall be specially decorated with auspicious patterns, skewers of ducks and colorful banners. Ethnic rituals are performed before the beginning of the ceremony. There shall be 36 men in each dragon boats in colorful uniforms and hats. The race is a thrilling experience.Crowds will be cheering and singing from the banks which will resonate amid the valley.This will be a fantastic experience.

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