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Shopping in Jianghan Pedestrain Street in Wuhan

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Janghan Road is located in the heartland of Hankou, which has become one of the most prosperous places of Hankou. The walking street of Janghan Road is up to 1210 meters long , which is currently the longest pedestrian street in China, with its reputation as the "the first pedestrian street of the world". The Wangfujing Road of Beijing, the Nanjing Road of Shanghai, the Peaceful Road of Tianjin, the Central Avenue of Harbin , the Jianghan Road of Wuhan have been appraised as the "Five Golden Flowers" of Chinese metropolis.

With the width of 10 to 25 meters, Jianghan Road starts from the south of Yanjiang Road, running through Zhongshan Road and Hankou-Beijing Avenue, and reaches the north of Liberation Boulevard. The area from Yanjiang Road to the High Street in Jianghan Road used to be the concession of British in the late Qing Dynasty, which called "the Street". The most wonderful scenery is a series of beautiful buildings of European style, Rome style, Byzantine style, in Renaissance, classical and modern times. Nowadays among the thirteen modern outstanding historical buildings left in Jianghan Road, one is at the provincial level, six are at the city level, and the last six are in the secondary level. They have witnessed the prosperous commercial development of Jianghan Road. It is the oldest famous commercial street built hundred years ago and "the museum of buildings of the 20th century in Wuhan ".

Jianghan Pedestrian embodies humanism feature everywhere, which is full of squares, green space, landscape architecture, leisure benches, background music, etc from soup to nuts. When you stroll and got tired, you can sit down and rest; if you want to visit in a hurry, small and exquisite of the electric car can also be "on call" to stop to bring guests for sightseeing and shopping. With different styles of architecture and beautiful lighting engineering, people can appreciate "han flavor sketch" of the competition between the Chinese restaurants and the Western cafeteria and the bustling commercial street culture competing fairly on the same stage. This make the street build a strong atmosphere of leisure tourism.

The street makes full use of electronic monitoring system to provide 24-hour security service. There are 16 cameras installed at pedestrian street pavements and storefronts. At the end of 1985, Jianghan pedestrian area was named "national civilized business street" by the National Ministry of Commerce. In 2000, Jianghan pedestrian region was listed in the “the top hundred model streets of no counterfeit goods or activities". At the end of February in 2000, Wuhan municipal government decided to rebuild the Jianghan Road into a new type of commercial Pedestrian Street, combining high-quality good shops with leisure tourism which was formally opened in September 22th of 2000.

While walking, visiting and shopping on this street, you will feel like walking in a "giant open-air shopping center". The concentration of well-known brands home and abroad is one of the features of Jianghan pedestrian region where there are all kinds of commercial shops, including clothing, household appliances, food and beverage. 

If you do not shop, you also can enjoy night view of the pedestrian street. It is a a colorful world with thousands of neon lights, most of which are lamps and lanterns for the most advanced domestic or foreign products.

Over the past centuries, Jianghan Road is famous for its prosperous business in China. Many businessmen sell varieties of beautiful things made of silk from the south and brocade from the north, all of which make Wuhan the paradise of shopping.

What’s more, there is a wonderful route to make your trip more efficient and happier. You can go shopping in Jianghan Road, and walk to the end of it, eat what you want and buy anything you like. When you are getting tired, you can go to the river beach of Wuhan which is also a great sightseeing site. Or it’s the same the other way around. May all of you have a nice journey during you rare holiday in Wuhan!

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