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Sky Bridge Ditch Forest Park

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Sky-Bridge Ditch Forest Park is located in the Northwest of Kuandian Manchu Autonomous County, Liaoning Province. It belongs to a park of Changbai Mountain and was formed in the late Jurassic age. The unique landscape has enjoyed a high prestige among geologists of domestic and overseas and is regarded as “The Classic Work of Art of Earth Movements.”In recent years, more and more tourists come here and admire the amazing view created by the mother nature.

Everyone is completely amazed when they are inside the park. Mountain streams flowing joyfully, red leaves scattered on mountainside, clear green lake water is everywhere, with fresh air mixed the scent of earth and trees, if this isn’t heaven, what else it would be? There is also a famous saying about the park, “One season for one world, Fours seasons for four heavens.” No matter at what time of year you come here, the beautiful scenery is always waiting for you.

Currently there are about 72 tourists spots such as lotus peak, jade spring top, moon peak, red leaves valley and others, also including some anti-Japanese invasion sites. That’s not all. More and more interesting and fun spots are still in construction. All you need to do is to get yourself a nice camera and capture all the good view and moments.

Lotus peak is a brand tourist spot of the park. So as the saying goes, “Not seeing Lotus Peak means you never come to Sky Bridge Ditch.” It is about 864 meters above the sea level. It is not just a regular mountain climbing route. On some spots, it can be very dangerous which adds more fun for the journey.

When you get to the top and look at the views from the distance, all the effort would be totally worth it. Just like any other mountains, there is a sky gleam too. Earth movement split the mountain rock into two pieces, forming a 100 meters high and less-than-one-meter wide crack. That’s the power of the almighty nature and we have to admire that.

If you want to experience something more exciting and a little bit more risky, do not miss Moon peak. It is higher than lotus peak and has a shape of crescent moon. It is very steep and many people jokingly call it as the “Moon Walk,” referring how hard it is to climbing to the top. Watching the peak from the distance, the crescent peak seems so small. But if you were really in there, it’s big enough to hold 20 people at the same time. Very interesting. Some time you really have to go near to find out the truth.

Besides heavenly views, tourists can also get a chance to enjoy some delicious nuts such as chestnuts and walnuts. As we all know, trees growing on hillside could get more sunshine. That makes the chestnuts here more tasty and sweet. 

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