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Snapshot of Wuhan

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Summer in Wuhan is extremely hot since it is recognized as one of the Four Furnaces of China. Then why not travel to Wuhan in winter, where you can experience the snow-white landscape, time-honored historical sites, modern architectures as well as yummy snacks.

Situated in the central China, Wuhan is not only the capital city of Hubei Province but also a prosperous historical city in China. Wuhan has long been a significant transportation hub of China with booming economy, convenient railways and expressways, thus it is also known as the “Chicago of China”. Meanwhile, Wuhan is a crowded city due to its huge population (about 10120000 people in 2011).

As an ancient city, Wuhan has a history of more than 3500 years, featuring well-known historical sites, grand modern architectures and natural charms. Here we are going to focus on the historical sites firstly.

Historical sites – Heptachord Terrace
Heptachord Terrace is closely related to the famous legend of Yu Boya in China. And the two excellent pieces of music named “High Mountain” and “Flowing Water” are also come from it. This legend typically illustrates the pure friendship between Yu Boya and his friend and shows the friendly nature of ancient Chinese people. Heptachord Terrace, surrounded by flowing water and green trees, usually treats tourists to charming landscapes and various recreational features. There stands a hall called “High Mountains and Flowing Water” in Heptahcord Terrace, which is favored by a lot of tourists from home and aboard. At the same time, a teahouse, a courtyard and an arboretum are also opened to tourists. “Guqin Tai” is highlight of Heptachord Terrace, where you can appreciate classic stone carvings, ancient stele inscription, special zigzag veranda as well as lovely wax figures. And the white marble terrace is where Yu Boya played his instrument as it is suggested in the legend.

Modern architecture – Yangtze River Bridge and Hubei Province Museum
In the past thousands of years, there was no bridge built over the Yangtze River, because it is so mighty. And Yangtze River Bridge is later constructed as the first Highway and Railway Bridge over Yangtze River, attracting millions of tourists to Wuhan every year. With a length of about 1670.4 meters, the bridge can be mainly divided into two parts: the upper part is designed for bus transit and the lower one is built for trains. That is why we called it a Highway and Railway Bridge. While traveling through the bridge by bus or train, tourists can view fro and go ships, the rolling water and other grand architectures on the bank. What a marvelous trip!

Do you want to know more about the brilliant historical civilization of China? Then you have come to the right place, Hubei Province Museum. Inside the Hubei Province Museum, abundant of cultural relics are on display, such as jade, pottery, bronze vessels, ancient weapons and old musical instruments. Most of these cultural relics were discovered in Hubei Province. Hubei Province Museum is consisted of three parts, the Chime Bells Exhibition Hall, the Chu Culture Exhibition Hall and the Comprehensive Exhibition Building.

Travel tips: the Hubei Province Museum is free to all tourists.

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