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Spectacular Shankou Mangrove National Nature Reserve

 2014-04-12    Young    Sights    Guangxi    1575  

Shankou Mangrove National Nature Reserve is considered as one of nature's wonders that is feeling the heat of climate change, one special mangrove ecosystem spread across Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Composed of two sides of the Shatian Peninsula, the reserve occupies an area of 8,000 hectares, three quarters of which are covered by water. The nature reserve is the second largest forest ecosystem protection area of China, and is holding in store the plentiful tourist resources inside the reserve. Mangrove trees are more prevalent in soils of the subtropical regions. These areas of high temperature and rainfall are very suitable for the growth of Mangrove trees.

Depending on the research, mangroves are such kind of species of tropical tree that generally grows in swamps. The vegetation varies from the mangrove forests along the coast to the thick sea forests. The local thick forests are home to many exquisitely coloured and unique birds, while a veritable flurry of species occurs throughout the grasslands and mangrove swamps. Visitors could imagine a mangrove lagoon surrounded by spectacular scenery and the guide will take you there. The trip should without doubt allow countless tourists to enjoy the sight of mangrove swamps and species of birds. Through the spacious water, you could be able to paddle through the mangrove forest to get a close up view of this unique eco-system.

Mangrove ecosystem is one of the most common types of marine ecosystems that have created a natural paradise for biodiversity. The richness and uniqueness of biodiversity diversity are unparalleled not only in China but also in the world. The reserve is one of the world’s richest in terms of biodiversity in preservation. It's list as the world's important wetlands that could function significantly in terms of regulating climate, preserving and controlling water sources, protecting biodiversity and serving educational and recreational tourism. It is not merely offer a vertical structure and habitat diversity for Marine organism and birds, but also provides them with abundant nutriment.

Shankou Mangrove National Nature Reserve has more varieties of plant than anywhere in China. The reserve covers less than ten percent of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region surface, but contains most of all plant and animal species. The special conditions that there are the high temperature and plenty of rain, sufficient sunshine, the moist climate all the year round and the large area of forest covering the reserve, all of these make the species of plants and birds exceedingly rich. It has been designated as a centre of plant diversity and is exceptionally rich in marine creatures.

These ecological systems appear ecologically well adapted to the humid tropics. These Mangrove trees are not ordinary stones but beautiful trees, precious trees and well worth appreciating. Being nice to look at, the green plant and species that make up the environment is quite useful. And the reserve with abundant plant species is developed to command high appreciation and value. It is a world well-known wetland with abundant natural sight so that it is a pleasant ecological tourist stage. 

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