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Spend a day in Linyi

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Located at the southeast of Shandong Province with beautiful landscape, Linyi was an ancient source of Chinese civilization. The area was inhabited as early as four or five hundred thousand years ago and there are many ancient cultural relics in Linyi.

Famous at home and abroad of "The Art of War" and "Sun Bin Art of War" on the bamboo slips unearthed here, with exquisite stone carvings in the Han Dynasty tomb at the national Yinan Beise key units to be protected, Linyi City Museum have more than 10,000 pieces of cultural relics, More than 300 pieces of state-level cultural relics. Linyi is a generation of Zhuge Liang, the St. Wang Xizhi, calligraphers Yan Zhenqing, St. operator Liu Hong, as well as Zengzi, Wang Heng, Wang Xiang, and other homeland. They can read stars and the future, reflects Renjiedeling Yimeng earth, the brilliant Yuk Sau ZHONG Ling.

Mengshan Mountain in southern Mengyin County is a famous historic and cultural mountain in Northern China. Its main peak is the second highest peak of Shandong. Mengshan was regarded as a sacred mountain and sacrificial place of the emperors in ancient times. The mountain faces Mt. Taishan across a distance of 120 kilometers (75 miles). Relying on its spectacular mountain scenery and rich flora and fauna, a national forest park has been established on the mountain.

Underground Grand Canyon at the foot of Longgang Mountain 8 kilometers (5 miles) southwest of Yishui County is the core underground spectacle of the city. It was named one of the top ten beautiful scenic spots of Shandong. In addition to the fascinating karst landscape, the underground drifting in the subsurface stream forms the longest karst drift cave in China.

Yinqueshan Han Tomb and Bamboo Slips Museum (present No.219, Yimeng Lu) in southeastern Linyi City is a classical building consisting of exhibition halls of Han Dynasty tombs, bamboo slips from the tombs and other cultural relics. It is the first museum for Han tombs and bamboo slips in China.
Chinese calligraphy icon Wangxizhi was born here. Just north of the city centre is a park dedicated to Wang Xizhi. For a small entrance fee tourists can enjoy a pleasant walk and try Chinese calligraphy. Lots of his writings are stored here. Near the center of Linyi city is a museum which houses some original bamboo strips from the Sun Tzu era.

Never worry about that there is nothing to do if getting bored with the ancient relics. Linyi's focal point is the People's Square (Renmin Guangchang). It was built in the early 1990s on the site of an old army barracks. It is about 500 metres (1,600 ft) east-west, and about 300 m (980 ft) north-south. Underneath it is a shopping centre and entertainment facilities.

Linyi City is a profound historical and cultural details of the land. Several hundreds of thousands on both sides of the strait before the Yihe River activities in the footsteps of human ancestors, the ancient city of Linyi have 2,400 years of history. 

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