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Splendid Baoding Waterfall in Guilin

 2014-08-27    Young    Sights    Guilin    2037  

The grand Baoding Waterfall heads up in the second highest peak of Zhenbaoding in South China. Baoding Waterfalls are composed of the nine-story waterfall, extending over 1,000 meters in length, form a long fascinating and wonderful scroll painting that is partly hidden and partly visible. Of special interest are Baoding Waterfall, Baoding Lake, Baoding Mountain, Baiyun Convent, original shrubs and many other scenic sights.

Baoding Waterfall boasts its note of rarity in the world. The waterfall-bed composed of granite rocks. The fall of the waterfall here is over 700 meters. There're high lakes joined one another at the foot of the waterfall. The fall hangs halfway up the Baoding Mountain that rises up in the clouds. Thanks to the steep mountains, the waterfall is divided into nine grades in total.

It's made up of the complete Danxia Landform with reddish sandstone, which makes the plunging waterfalls as of flowing on the free-floating red silk. Sunlight filters through the descending foam that sends up into the air glistens in all colors under the sunlight. The glimmering mist of the myriad of sprays splashed by sun and streaked by rainbow. The waterfall is over 200 meters wide at its widest point and over 20 meters at the narrowest point.

Every year when spring is being replaced by summer there is the largest volume of water. The waterfall after many setbacks could form the nine grades and fall directly into the Baoding Lake from the top to the bottom. The waterfall of Baoding Waterfall is fed by Qingbei River. The stream flows through the dam and bends to the west on the north side of the mountain, and finally dropped into a Baoding Lake at the bottom of the mountain.

It resembled a giant silver dragon cleaved the clouds and hulked up out of the mist, or it was as if some angelic being had dropped down out of the sky into that green translucent water of Baoding Lake. Its imposing appearance could be described in vivid detail by borrowing the Li Bai's elegant prose: "Its torrent dashes down three thousand feet from high; As if the Silver River fell from an azure sky."

An important feature of Baoding Waterfall is that the fall is very beautifully shaped with bright colors and unique rhymes. This Baoding Lake is 705 acres in area. It has an average depth of 35 meters and reaches the deepest point about 50 meters, framed like a vast bright mirror in its setting of the mountains. We could sail a boat on the lake and are enjoying a distant view of the landscape of lakes and hills.

Nothing could have been more charming than this scenery of the waterfall standing in the midst of luxuriant trees. Baoding Waterfall with many levels and high drop is a successful combination of the cloud and mist, soothing breezes, ancient trees, green bamboo, green pool and waterfall. It has both tremendous momentum of the Huangguoshu Waterfall in Guizhou province and the beautiful charm of the thousand-zhang waterfall of Mount Lushan.

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