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Splendid Daqi Mountain in Zhejiang

 2014-09-11    Young    Sights    Zhejiang    1583  

Daqi Mountain is also called Zhaiji Mountain shaped like the throne of lotus flowers, with the altitude of over 600 meters above sea level. Daqi Mountain National Forest Park with a ground space of 40 square kilometers is the natural landscape with forest resources as the main player. Within the scenic beauty of overlapping steep peaks, peculiar pieces of stone, countless streams and deep gorges, singing birds and fragrant flowers, the scenic spot is a good place for diverse wildlife to live and inhabit.

Thick forest and tall bamboos could be seen everywhere. The beautiful idyllic surroundings with the large stretches of meadows on the calm lake and the air heavy with the aroma of melons and fruits in the orchard are really breathtaking. The weather with an average annual temperature of 15 degrees Celsius and an average high summer temperature 26 degrees Celsius is ideal, just like spring most of the year.

Daqi Mountain is blessed with abundant forests, panoramic views of mountains and rivers, precious and rare animals and plants, famous temple resource and landscape. It is a very nice place for visitors to go climbing and splash in the water, watch waterfall and enjoy the flowers, seek the extraordinary, have a camping holiday and summer resort.

After you enter the park along the winding path paved with pebbles, and the first thing that catches the eye is the endless orchard long known as over 10,000 hectares of orchards. During late spring and early summer, thousands of trees with thousands of blossoming flowers are the biggest aggregation of dazzling flower scene. The bees fly and butterflies dance around the flowers.

Wandering to and fro in the woods and flowers, visitors could gaze fixedly and enjoy the flowers. The sight gave visitors the first experimental ease and grace of turning back to nature. When it comes to the fruit picking season, the trees were thickly hung with fruit when the vivifying fruits were supposed to be at hand. The wind blew warm and the flowers gave their perfume freely to the air.

Within the thick trees, the liquid silver voices of the blackbirds called unceasing. Here you could also view the beautifully-shaped magpies and many other anonymous birds, which could add limitless life and grace to the orchard. When you leave the orchard, you could take on another exhilarating ride, the strong wild odor was coming from straight ahead. On either side of the winding path is the boundless expanse of straight and tall green pines penetrating into the clouds.

The mountain wind was blowing, with the soughing of the wind in the pines. At this place elephants, rabbits and other animals roamed about from time to time. The place was the most appropriate for bathing in the forest; people lay on the hammock listening to the murmur of the little brook, with a special charm of the landscape in your mind. Not far away was a gigantic bamboo forest with dense groves of tall bamboos as well as soft sounds of nature.

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