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Splendid Furong Gorge in Zhejiang

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Furong Gorge is vulgarly referred to as Tiecheng, located within the territory of Xiandu scenic spot in Jinyun County in Zhejiang Province. Furong Gorge and Dingfeng Lake face each other across a great distance, 15 kilometers away from the city of Jinyun County. The yearly number of tourists visiting Furong Gorge reaches more than 100,000. The famous film "ahshima" that is a legend of the Sani people, a branch of the Yi national minority was shooting here. That is why Furong Gorge also has the reputation of being "The second native of ahshima."

Furong Gorge with the steep black cliffs all the way round just looks like the castle made of iron. The further you get into Furong Gorge, the higher and steeper the rugged cliffs get, the narrower the mountainous valleys get. The valley was scarcely able to proceed with only one person at its narrowest point, which was likely to be a case of "If one man guards the ten thousand are unable to get through," and so it was also called Tiemen Gorge.

Here the stone gate is wide open, with the valleys in a tranquil and secluded setting. The air had a frosty bite. The gentle stream that wreathed itself around the bottom of the Grand Canyon could slip down the face of the cliff. The chirping birds revolved around in their ears. The hibiscus through the thickly forested hills dotted around it here and there.

On a clear day, Furong Gorge full of all kinds, shapes and sizes of rocks set off has the more distinctive outline setting off under the sunlight. The sky is overcast with the misty rain on a cheerless rainy day, with the dimly translucent mountains and waters. You would feel the rain as fine as silver tissue when you are wandering about the valleys. The rain was stealing and silent refreshment. It rained at intervals, which could make Furong Gorge infiltrated in the jade-like glittering and translucent carving, magnificent and enchanted.

Furong Gorge lay hidden among the lush green mountains, original, simple and secluded, like staying in the fairyland on earth with a thousand and one fabulous sceneries. You could travel extensively in the region as on this route one miraculous view after another will come into sight that the eyes are kept fully occupied, greeting the eye every step of all the way.

Visitors could take the trip from the Dingfeng Lake northward and trace upstream of Hao stream to the end of Xiandu scenic spot. That is Furong Gorge. There're many bridges over flowing streams, the cottages scattered randomly over the village, smoke spiraling from kitchens, the chirping fowls and dogs along the way.

The drifting of Furong Gorge includes three kinds of drifting at independent choices of visitors. The whole drifting channel had the plentiful amount of water. You could fully experience the pleasure and excitement of the drifting in the natural channel with nine turns and 18 coves. The whole channel is blessed with various landscapes.

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