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Splendid Mount Daluo in Zhejiang

 2015-01-24    Young    Sights    Zhejiang    1703  

Daluo Mountain is located in the southeastern part of the confines of Wenzhou city, which is composed of four scenic sights and one water network like Fairy rock scenic spot, Yao stream scenic spot, Tianzhu temple scenic spot, Tea mountain scenic spot and Sanyang water network.


According to the overall Wenzhou city plan, Daluo Mountain serves as a green core in the "Green core" model of Wenzhou city in the future. Daluo Mountain mainly serves as a special ecological function, that's to say, it would accommodate and improve effects of atmospheric pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and microclimate pollution.


Fairy rock scenic spot is located in the western Daluo Mountain beauty spot, which enjoys a high reputation for its waterfall and pool all over the country. Meiyu pool and Meiyu waterfall are the landscapes of Fairy rock scenic spot even the whole Daluo Mountain beauty spot with the most tremendous development potential, which could be a graphic illustration of Daluo Mountain tourist resources.


Fairy rock scenic spot is linked with Tiger stream, including five pools and three waterfalls and natural mountains and waters landscape with the tuffaceous mountain combination, which could reasonably serve as the best one in Wenzhou area, and is a representative of the natural landscape of Daluo Mountain beauty spot.


With the addition of the quiet and beautiful cave landscape, a vast expanse of water landscape in Tianhe scenic spot, as well as the best-preserved biological community of the whole Fairy rock scenic spot and the species of precious and rare animals and plants, it had made the Fairy rock scenic spot become the scenery zone of the entire Daluo Mountain beauty spot in the natural landscape ecotourism with the most tremendous development potential.


Meanwhile, it is not without its unique human landscape with the deep historical connotation, as well as Shengshou temple with the unity of nature and man in Xianyan Mountain, cliffside inscription dating back to Southern dynasties that spread throughout the whole Xianyan hills and streams, especially the footprints and words left over by Zhu Ziqing as one famous modern essayist, which could cast the fine spirits of culture over the natural mountains and waters landscape of Fairy rock scenic spot.


Tea mountain scenic spot is the place with the most typical and concentrated granite landform landscape in Daluo Mountain, with the rocks of unique shape. The caves landscape is deep and quiet. The fame of Wolong stream gorge with the magnificent waterfall landscape is not half as Fairy rock scenic spot, but with the potential of landscape sightseeing and adventure travel.


On the other hand, Xiangshan temple is the largest Buddhist temple in Daluo Mountain, which could be the representative of the religious and cultural tourist in the whole scenic area. Sanyang water network is blessed with the unique water network wetland landscape in Wenzhou area, with the abundant living aquatic resources, which is the rare splashes of the aquatic organisms’ community in the outer parts of the Wenzhou city, and has the ecological significance to the Wenzhou area.      

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