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Star Lake in Zhaoqing

 2014-04-22    Young    Sights    Guangdong    1853  

Scenic spots and historic sites of Star Lake in Zhaoqing is one famous tour scenic spot with rich tour resources, natural view, historical relics and folk-custom in the south of our country. Visitors have a very high opinion of the famous site integrating with its pure, clear streams and beautiful mountains. They think that it has both the stunning sights of the West Lake in Hangzhou and Guangxi Guilin.

The Star Lake is situated 4 kilometers to the north of Zhaoqing in Guangdong Province. The lake is over 8,000 mu in size, which is similar to the West Lake in size. Conversely, the water is highly transparent so that one's eyes can penetrate to a depth of eight to nine meters. The sparkling blue water of the lake is nearly indistinguishable from the sparkling blue sky.

The lake can be divided into five little lakes by the winding and complex dykes. When the sun goes down, violet and purple rays illuminated the emerald trailers of the weeping willows on the dyke, which looks like a green ribbon winding from south to north on the green and rippling Star Lake. Behind the mountain, one could have a glimpse of a far-reaching blue lake which is known as the famous Star Lake. Centering around the Star Lake, it also counts the deep Seven Star Cave and Ting-hu mountain.

Seven-Star Cave is honored as "palaces of Nature's art". There was also one by Marshal Ye Jianying who praised highly of Star Lake and Seven Star Crags. The easternmost of the seven crags is called as Liang'Feng or Bracing Breezes. Facing Yu'Ping or Jade Screen to the west, it is a towering, precipitous crag with a large and quite imposing outline. The Stone House Crag which in antiquities was also named as Song'Tai'Shan or High Terrace Hill is the highest and most spacious of the seven.

The large and beautiful water-eroded cave is called Chinese representative of Karst Natural Cave Museumdue to its peculiarity, versatility and completeness. When you ascended into grottos paved with emeralds, with panels of rubies, you could view the roof glowing with diamond stalactites and stalagmites that present colorful pictures. A short distance in front of the cave, a stalagmite had been slowly growing up from the ground for ages, formed by the water-drip from a stalactite overhead.

Trips to China's five great mountains render trips to other mountains unnecessary, and predict that you have never gone to the Star Lake. It served to show that the ancients thought a great deal of the Star Lake. The Star Lake once set the world on fire with the clear waters and green hills while the lake and mountains adding to each other's splendor.

Ting-hu Mountain Nature Reserve makes a feature of the nature forest in the sub-tropical zone, trickling waters and the waterfall and the ancient temple in the deep mountain. With numerous secluded ravines and sparkling mountain streams and, through the ages, has been a famous tourist attraction for many poets and scholars. 

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