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Admire the Starry Night with a Family Trip to Gubei Water Town

 2016-08-19    Alice Young    Tours    Beijing    4917  

Gubei Water Town suddenly just come in mind in such raining fire days. I guess this resort-style town should be a good choice to enjoy cool air, which is about one and half hour drive from Beijing.


In fact, it is a real fine choice.This town is situated at the foot of Simatai Great Wall, near the hills and by the water. To our satisfaction, it is indeed much cooler than in urban, especially on the entrance to the lane, breeze gently blowing. My daughter, Xixi said she likes it very much.


It is Great Wall Library theme hotel that we choose to live, for the family room is specially designed for family trip with large room area, particularly, with two beds, big one and small one, which are more than sufficient for sleeping.


For travel, Xixi has special hobby, staying on the queen-size bed in hotels. She deems a big bed is like a stage, where she can play toys, read books, dance, and even crazily roll...... Oh forget it, don’t you imagine I will list them one by one, or else hotel workers might give me trouble for bedding damages.


The decoration of the hotel is rich in Chinese characteristics, making poetry books ornament for the ceiling of the lobby. Very bookish. Surely, the decoration of rooms is also filled with Chinese features, black wooden-grid windows, greyish-green wardrobe, blue-and-white cups and platters, which are full of pristine style of the old days.


Quite a surprise is the slippers that hotel provides. Xixi likes her little embroidered slippers so much that nearly won’t go anywhere without wearing them.


The open-air pool, situated on the roof of the hotel, attracts me most for people can overlook the beauties of the water town, and farseek the views of Simatai Great Walls at the same time.


Only with cool water, it can be called real comfortable summer. Both adults and little children are into it very much.


We choose Yuetang Restaurant to have our dinner. There are oodles of cuisine to choose, personally I prefer the farm chicken simmered in crock pot. Tasting very palatable.


About 8 o’clock, lights are lit, the most glittering moment in Gubei Water Town has come. Sitting on the sculling boat, passing under bridges and lanes, with lights reflecting in water and breeze softly blowing, it’s such relaxing time.


For kid, almost everything is fresh at night, the green leaves lane that walked along with mom, uneven stoney roads, whispering crickets chirp.


Of course, plus the red lantern.


Xixi, carring her little red lantern, looks very content, passing by the stoney bridge, flower shrubs at night.


Many shows are held in the town, such as folk acrobatics show performed in the afternoon on Riyue Island, and Peking Opera, Cross Talk played in the evening at Miyun Grant Drama Stage, which are worthy of paying a visit. Furthermore, adults with children, can’t miss the music fountain at Shuiwu Theater, Wangjing Street. The colorful spray and exciting music must could better arouse kids’curiosity!


The Cafe terrace near the mountaintop church is a perfect place to overlook the night scene of this water town. Distant hills, rivers and houses are blends in lights, drawing an exquisite picture. Unlike common colorful urban night scene, lights mainly in simple but elegant yellow, looks warmer and more peaceful. If you got enough time, come and take a cable car ride along Simatai Great Wall,which is the only Great Wall that open for public in the evening. Atop the Great Wall, witnessing those antique walls, gorgeous water town, feeling breeze gently blowing past your skin. It mush be a unforgettable night tour in Beijing suburb.


Plus, mountaintop church also provide “Starry Night Class”, teaching kids about constellation, and observing night sky and playing games.


For the first time, Xixi knows she’s Cancer. But compared with constellation, apparently, she prefer dacing and playing games with these sisters there.


Stars all over the night sky, like a fairy tale, is flowing over our head, and the glittering Gubei Water Town.


Recommended Projects for Night Tour:

  1. Sculling boat.

  2. Cable car ride atop Simatai Great Wall ( preferential price for hotel guests:120 RMB, original price: 160 RMB).

  3. Observe stars at mountaintop church.

  4. Peking Opera performance at the Riyue Island Square.

  5. View Great Wall, savor delicacy at the terrace of hotels and B&B.

  6. Make travel itinerary seven days in advance, putting up at the foot of Great Wall.

  7. Enjoy hot spring at the foot of the Great Wall.

Admission Info:

  1. Gubei Water Town: 150 RMB.

  2. Simatai Great Wall: 40RMB.

  3. Great Wall Cable Car Ride: 90RMB for one-way, 160 RMB for round-trip, half price for kids  undere 1.5 meters.

  4. Water Town Tour Bus: 10 RMB per person for one-way, half price for kids under 1.5 meters.

  5. Boat (half price for kids under 1.5 meters),

    Whole Journey(Yangui Wharf - Yuanyang Lake Wharf): 120 RMB per person for one course, 600 RMB for     chartering boat. 
    Half Journey(Yangui Wharf - Riyue Island Wharf - Yuanyang Lake Wharf): 80 RMB per person for one course, 400 RMB for chartering boat.

  6. Gubei Water Town at night : 80 RMB.

    Great Wall Cable Car Ride for round trip at night: 160 RMB, only sold at Yuanyang Lake Wharf. 
    Water Town at night +Great Wall Cable Car Ride for Round Trip: 200 RMB per person.

  7. Parking: 10RMB (not paid by the hour or by the day), 20 RMB for bus up to 7-seat

  8. Free of charge for admission if live in these hotels: Wuzhenhui, Wangjinglou, William Edgar, Yushe   Offspring.

    Preferential price for 80 RMB if choose others hotels or inns. 
    Site:   Tel:010-8100 9999

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