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Story of the Sea-Stone Man Tourist Park

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Under the famous Mountain Lao of Qingdao city in Shandong Province, there is a 17 meters high giant rock standing in the sea. Looking from northwestern direction, it looks very much like an old man staring at the sea. That is how it got the name-Stone Man. There is a heartbreaking story behind its name that has been passed on from generation to generation.

According to legend, Stone man was a kind and nice fisherman that lived under the Mountain Lao, his only relative alive was his beloved daughter. Unexpectedly, his one and only daughter was robbed by the Dragon Prince, poor stone man screamed out his daughter’s name night after night besides the sea till the day his hair became all white, but he never left.
While he was cupping his chin and staring sadly at the sea, the Dragon King casted a spell on him and he turned into a rock at the moment. His daughter learned the news and risked her life to get out and see her father. Unfortunately, the kind turned her into a huge coral. From then on, the father and daughter could only see each other from the distance.

Now the stone man area has become a popular tourist park with many interesting tourists spots like vegetable & fruit garden, tea garden, heaven street, leisure valley, and a lot more fun stuff. Green Tea is my favorite drink of all. I wondered inside the green tea garden, taking it all in, the fragrance of fresh tea leaves, the gentle sea breeze blowing over. Tour guide told me they used mountain water for irrigation, with abundant sunshine and right PH of soil, the tea made from here was highly welcomed in the market.

I saw some newly-weds taking their wedding pictures here. Great choice! This was the perfect natural view for photo taking, with a touch of romance. The woods for wedding photo-taking got a really romantic name-Love & Cuddle Woods. There were newly-couple statue, lovers tree and other kinds stuff with happy meanings. Love was in the air, everywhere. What a nice place for lovers!

From the distance, I could hear some music. Passing by small path made from pebbles, we came to sight-seeing park. Standing on the mountain and looking down, green trees with blue seas mixing together, just like an earthly heaven. The stone man seemed more majestically looking from up high. Inside the leisure valley, I finally found what the music came from, they used background music system, pretty cool. Enjoying music in the arms of mother nature was the best experience ever!

There was a Korean culture museum inside the park, where you could experience typical Korean culture and have original Korean food. We were all so starving when we got there. Before the dishes were served, everyone was already drooling, the smell was so good! One thing is for sure, one day is definitely not enough for visiting Stone Man Tourist Park.

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