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Stunning Erhai Lake Scenery,Dali

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Erhai Lake is the second largest lake in Yunnan,the first one is Dianchi Lake.The north of Erhai Lake is from Jiangwei Township,Eryuan County and the south is from Xiaguan,Dali.Covering an area of about 251 square kilometers,Erhai Lake has an altitude of 1972 m,a length from north to south is 41.5 km.The name of Erhai Lake comes from its shape which looks like a human ear.

Vistors can enjoy the beautiful scenery from Erhai Park which is located at the Tuanshan Park,southernmost of Erhai.Look from the air,Erhai Lake looks like a new moon,lying between Cangshan and Dali Bazi quietly.It consist of three islands,four islets,five lakes and nine bends.

With a  fault depression terrain,Erhai Lake has a amazing scenery for crystal clear water.It has been called as "flawless jade between mountains."The legend about Erhai Lake is that once upon a time there ia a gigantic jade cabbage growing in the seabed,the pure water of Erhai lake is gushed from heart of the jade cabbage.

Between the Cangshan mountain and  Erhai Lake,there is a fan-shaped fertile farmland.With a beautiful natural scenery and famous attractions like Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple,this place is  known as "landscape gallery".


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