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Stunning Yuntai Mountain

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Yuntai Mountain is famous for its fantastically misshapen hills that fan out as far as the eye can see. Covered with lush original forests, Yuntai Mountain has several deep valleys and ponds, myriads of waterfalls and springs, picturesque perilous cliffs and peaks. The picturesque peaks and high mountains extend as far as the eyes can see. The highest Cornel Peak has an elevation of 1,304 meters (4,278 feet). Myriad springs, waterfalls and pools abound. Yuntai Waterfall, 314 meters (1,030 feet) high, is the highest waterfall in China. Deep valleys and quiet gorges, unique stones and wild flowers form a beautiful landscape.These elements compose the stunning scenery of Yuntai Mountain.

Occupying an area of 190 square kilometers, Yuntai Mountain has eleven scenic areas: Red Stone Gorge, Tanpu Gorge, Quanpu Gorge, Cornel Peak, Wanshan Temple, Baijia Cliff, Zifang Lake, Macaque Valley, Qinglong Gorge, Fenglin Gorge and Diecai Cave, with each has its own unique features and beauty. As far as I am concerned, Red Stone Gorge Tanpu Gorge and Cornel Peak are the most noticeable.

Red Stone Gorge is a valley with steep cliffs of red rocks standing straight up on both sides. It is the geologic relic of a crustal movement that took place 1.4 billion years ago, and rare Danxia landform in northern China. This gorge gathers many springs, waterfalls, streams, pools and gullies, so it is named 'the corridor of superfine landscape' by garden experts.

The south side of the gorge is so narrow that it is only one thread wide. Towering cliffs stand facing each other as a gate and torrents scour a gully down the cliffs. Here the White Dragon Waterfall is divided into three sections and drops in level of about 50 meters. Myriad springs and waterfalls dash against cliffs, making numerous colorful beads in sunlight like a natural fresco. White stalactites that grow in the quartz sandstones become simple and elegant under the red cliffs.

Cornel Peak is the highest peak of Yuntai Mountain, which is about 1,308 meters (4,291 feet) above sea level. The scenery is magnificent from this peak. Following ascent of thousands of steps of scaling ladder and plank road built along a cliff to this peak, visitors can see the Taihang Mountain in the north. Lofty mountains extends as far as eyes can see. Also the vast plain in the south, the crisscross fields which appear like a chessboard and the ribbon-like Yellow River can be seen.

Tanpu Gorge is considered as nature's masterpiece among the landscape gallery of Yuntai Mountain. It is famous for 'a spring in three steps, a waterfall in five steps and a pool in ten steps'. The water scenery in this valley is imposing with mountains and unique rocks. Here many deep pools are formed by the cascading waters.

The lover waterfall falls at three different levels and in each level, two waterfalls blend into a pond as if two sweethearts whisper. Moreover, there is a natural water-curtain cave with crystal beads hanging before the cave. In summer and autumn, you may also go bamboo rafting here.
Seeing hundreds of photos and words, the beauty in Yuntai Mountain will still serve as a stunning vision feast. Feel it on yourself!

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