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Su Causeway – The Longest Series of Bridges Crosses over the West Lake

 2014-09-29    Meixuan    Sights    Hangzhou    4026  

The Su Causeway is a famous highlight spot due to the beautiful scene of Dawn in spring season. It is the longest series of bridges which crosses over the West Lake in Hangzhou. An alternative name of this famous tourist destination is Sudi Chunxiao. It is a very attractive and well known place with a close relation to a Chinese cultural soul named Su Dongpo. Firstly during the period of Northern Song Dynasty, Su Dongpo a famous poet came here as local governor. Being mesmerized the Hangzhou landscape and thinking West Lake as one of the beautiful Chinese ladies, Xi Shi, he has written a famous poem. 

Magnificently illuminated bridge

Su causeway is running across West Lake from the Nanping Road towards lotus in the Breeze Quyuan Garden. It consists of 6 simple and beautiful bridges along of many embankments. Along its way, the entire path is well landscaped with beautiful flowers and trees. During the evening time, Su causeway is magnificently illuminated with many green lights. Thus, it is a site loved by millions of Chinese couples. They opt to walk along the promenade of Su causeway. It is a perfect example of Chinese style and redefined design. After about fifteen year, Su Dongpo was appointed again as governor of Hangzhou. He found the West Lake as a deserted area and wrote a letter sadly to superior authorities. He mentioned in it that the lake is eyes as well as eyebrows of Hangzhou. He made decision to do his best for betterment of Hangzhou. Various problems arose in between dredging up of lake. But due to perfect investigation and thought process, he was able to solve all the problems. He could build a magpie’s bridge across lake very effectively.

Publics active co-operation

The news of constructing the causeway was in fact spread rapidly, and so fishermen who lived neat the region came up expressing their willingness to join in construction work automatically and that too, free of charge. Su Dongpo thanked everyone. The natives, being very excited, helped Su Dongpo in beginning the construction work very fast. From the season of summer to autumn, almost 7 sections of Su causeway were constructed. There were 6 watercourses in between the different causeway sections. As there was great shortage of financial assistance, the bridge was not constructed fully at first. The idea put forward by a woodman was taken by Su Dongpo and local people. The woodman cut several trees. He then made these trees into 6 hanging bridges particularly for the 6 watercourses so that it will make the entire causeway into proper use. During the daytime, each of hanging bridges will be drawn back in order to facilitate the coming as well as going to the fishing boats. During the dawn and dark time, these hanging bridges were utilized by the residents to cross the west lake. It in fact added much more beauty to the Lake. The native people of Hangzhou named it as Su Causeway in order to honor Su Dongpo.

Travel Tips

The entrance fee for the passenger is very economical. It can be visited anytime. 

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