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Suichang Gold Mine

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Golden ornaments have been regarded as a kind of symbol for wealth for its preciousness, while for its characteristic of stability, people also appreciate to choose golden necklaces or rings to witness their eternal love. Well, regardless of those appealing shapes of golden necklaces, bracelets or rings, it will be exciting to see its original look. Suichang Gold Mine is a good destination if you are looking forward to appreciate original gold.

In 1976, Zhejiang Suichang Gold Mine was built up to mine and smelt gold and silver. The modern mining attaches equal importance of the production of gold and environmental protection. It was entitled as the best mine in the South of Yangtze River because of its fine ecological protection and beautiful scenery. Suichang Gold Mine in Zhejiang Province is located in the Suichang Garden Ridge, and covers an area of more than 70 million square meters, is a Central Purchasing smelt with a long history as one of the garden-like modern gold mine. Started in 1954, this mine was initially worked for pyrite. After the company mining history began in the early Tang era of Geology, China Earthquake Administration Earthquake Dynamics, Institute State Key Laboratory of Carbon-14 determination, with written records began in the Northern Song Dynasty, has left the ruins of the ancient mining of the North Song Dynasty Yuan harvest Yongfeng silver field.

Suichang Gold Mine has many mining relics in Tang and Ming dynasties, of which Huang Yanken Cave is the biggest in scale and the best reserved among them. It is one of the few mines which have the qualifications to restore the production scenes for the techniques of burning and exploding mining and ash-blowing smelting. In order to preserve and make use of the special mine relics in the mining area, China National Land Resource Management Department ratified the establishment of Zhejiang Suichang Gold Mine National Mine Park in July, 2005. On December 18th, 2007, the park was officially opened to the public.

Suichang Gold Mine National Mine Park is located in the northeast of Suichang County, Zhejiang Province. It is 16 kilometers away from Suichang County and 10 kilometers away from the east entrance to Suichang on the highway from Longyou to Lishui.

It was recognized as a national AAAA scenic spot in 2008. The total area of Suichang Gold Mine National Mine Park is 33.6 square kilometers. Among which, the mine exhibition area is the core part of the mine park which covers 6.3 square kilometers. The mining activities for gold and silver in the mine area can be dated back to the years of Shangyuan in Tang Dynasty. Song Dynasty set up Yongfeng Silver Factory. And it was the biggest production site for silver all over the country during the Yongle and Xuande Years in Ming Dynasty.

Now the park has developed plenty of tourism projects and scenic spots such as Gold Museum, Gold Business Street, Experiencing Zone of Gold Mining, Sightseeing Zone of Gold Smelting, Gold Dragon Mountain Sightseeing and Exploration Tour of Gold Caves. Tourists will have exotic fun in the amazing park!

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