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Summer Time at Pingle Ancient Town in Chengdu

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If travel to Chengdu this season, Pingle is a great destination for a pleasant summer time with its beautiful scenery, ancient and rich culture, interesting architecture and casual style.

Pingle Ancient Town is located about 93 kilometers southwest of Chengdu City and 18 kilometers from Qionglai City. It has convenient transportation with Chengdu. As one of the famous historic and cultural ancient towns, Pingle has attracted many tourists there every year, especially in summer.

Pingle Ancient Town has a history more than 2,000 years since the ancient West Han Dynasty. Its long history has bred the town with glorious local culture and customs. Its culture charm plus with its natural ancient ambient has formed the outstanding feature of the town.

Pingle is a characterized town with Western Sichuan style. From the architecture and houses in Pingle can find the hints that this ancient town had glorious history in ancient times. As one of the important port at the ancient Tea and Horse Ancient Road and Southern Silk Road, Pingle had achieved a lot at that ancient time. But the once busy and prosperous town has become this quiet ancient town with the thick culture and history.

Featured with “ancient”, there are ancient street, temple, bridge, trees, weir, archway, song, culture, custom, house and architecture. And these ancient ones are where to find the stories of Pingle. There is a river called Baimo River running through Pingle Ancient Town which is originated from the beautiful Tiantai Mountain not far away from Pingle. The green Baimo River has been the soul of Pingle. Under the magnificent mountain there comes the Baimo River, while along the Baimo River there is the picturesque scenery. Ancient banyan trees are casually scattered along the river, the stilted houses in the ancient Ming and Qing styles built along the river, the green stone paved street among the ancient buildings and the bamboo sea you can see from the town, all these have made Pingle a great destination for a summer time.

When summer, the Baimo River is the busiest as it provided great fun for people. You can play water in the river, you can take a boat along the river to enjoy the alluring scenery, or enjoy tea and ancient song performance along the river with friends, or play Mahjong with others with tables standing on the riverside, or you wait to enjoy the captivated night scene of the town and send a lantern to the future with your wishes. This is always the most enjoyable part in Pingle.

At the same time, there are other activities in Pingle. There are many restaurants where you can taste delicious Sichuan food and Pingle snacks, there are stores you can buy local customized handcrafts and souvenirs. Besides the town itself, Pingle has affiliated sites like Kugou Natural Scenic Spot, Jinhua Mountain Scenic Spot, and Jinjigou Scenic Spot. This Western Sichuan styled Pingle Ancient Town is sure to give you a great summer time.

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