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Super trip to Fangte Amusement Park

 2014-03-21    sonrisabai    Entertainment    Jinan    2133  

I woke up at 4 in the morning today cuz I got an early bus to catch. We were heading to Fangte Amusement Park! I heard people say it’s a lot like Disney World, so I was pretty interested. It was kinda chilly outside. I hopped on the tour bus and started playing my favorite songs. About one hour and a half, we arrived at the destination! I wanted to play more awesome projects so I chose Tuesday.

Looking inside from the front gate, it felt like there were two whole different world between reality and fairy land. I bought myself a ticket and went in. All so colorful, my mood felt being lifting up right away! I was wandering in the pink business street, and looked around. Hmm, not that interested. I wasn’t here for shopping though, I was here for having fun!

Time to head to the first spot-The Mystery River Valley! The look kind reminded me of the ancient pyramid. I could hear tourists screaming with excitement and joy from the distance. I bought a one-time-use plastic raincoat and started lining up. There were about 50 people ahead of me, I was thinking to myself, Thank god I didn’t come here on Sunday! Finally there was my turn. First it sailed in slow motion, besides the tunnel it was some decorations from Maya period, Just when I was looking around carelessly, I spotted a scary skull that’s hanging on the rock! I almost got a heart attack! Then it came to an uphill, very high, before I was even noticed, it started coming down so quick, my heart was almost falling out. The water splashes was everywhere, the boat became a screaming boat. They should’ve put a buffering sponge on the boat bumper, this was definitely the last time I tried this. Not fun, maybe I don’t like excitement that much.

So no more roller coasters, 3D adventure was perfect for me! I came to the Dinosaurs Park. There were some dinosaurs specimens in the hall, I turned left as the sign board showing and came to the inner hall. After waiting for a round, I got in and put on 3D glasses. The design was so amazing. Feeling like I was up in the middle of the concrete jungle, suddenly there was a dinosaur showing up and coming near me. It was so real that gave me the delusion it was going to eat me alive anytime soon! Haha! Meantime, the seat kept moving, up and down, which made the whole experience more real. Dinosaurs were so ugly if you look near, better keep perfect distance with them.

Then I came to Ghost Stories hall for an ancient Chinese ghosts show. Tourists were sitting on the ground and enjoyed the performance. It was about peach flower elf falling in love with a normal guy. Such a romantic love story! I wish I could be here one more day, one day is definitely not enough for me. :(

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