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Surfing in Riyuewan in Sanya

 2013-12-04    kenziLiang    Entertainment    Sanya    1991  

If come across a long holiday, many people will take full advantage of this chance and go out to for a journey, except from those famous and popular spots. During these recent years, some typical and particular spots become new fascinations. At last, a beach which is romantic and thrill to go surfing.
Soft beaches, twinkling sea surfaces and people there in Riyuewan give tourists a different holiday feeling, except from the appreciating the traditional cultural show in the morning, you can also learn some surfing skills in the surfing clubs.

Surfing, like a lot of sports, tends to be a lot of waiting punctured with a moment of frantic excitement and surfing was always an abstract thing. I can’t say whether the surfing was good, but it was good to watch. Anticipating smaller waves for some days, the event was organized so that the short board competition hit the waves on the beach break first, with long board competitors surfing into the afternoon on the nearby point break.

None of the surfers failed to impress this novice onlooker, but the two things that really stood out in the competition were (1) the number of young competitors — the youngest being only eight; and (2) the number of Mainland Chinese competitors. Though the Chinese contingent still faithfully monopolized the beach umbrellas, they were out in force proving that the sport and surf culture was being well-adopted in the country.
The surfing took place in Riyuewan, on the south-eastern coast of Hainan, the base of operations for event organizer Surfing Hainan. An hour outside popular beach destination Sanya, and a couple hours drive from the provincial capital Haikou, it’s not the simplest place to get to as a tourist, but for surf, it’s the best known spot on the island.

Friday’s pre-competition activities mostly involved getting things setup for the show the following day, meeting new and old friends, and watching a taste of the surfing that was to follow. Those more in-the-know than I explained that the waves were humble but adequate.

Having been striving for a happy memory in the vocation, at present, Riyuewan has provided the surfing board rent service with cost price from 200 to 500 RMB per day per person, if you are interested in surfing and want to try a different surfing experience out of your country, go to Riyuewan for surf or enjoy and sunshine. I used to watch surfing there for once and met an Australian tourist who told me that it was the first time for him to surf in Riyuewan, it was amazing and people there were not much, especially the waves there were excellent and extraordinary.

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