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Surprises from Maluan Mountains

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What  attracts the tourists most is water, especially in summer. You will be surprised by the splendid waterfalls, the running streams, the peaceful lakes and the rough seas at the foot of the mountains.

Just when you arrive at the entrance of Maluan Mountains—the Diecui Lake, you will be amazed at the first sight of those rocks around with all kinds of different shapes. Some of them are really huge and difficult to climb over without others pulling you, but some are rather tiny. Among the rocks, streams are funning with beautiful echoes in the valley. They are so clear and shallow that you can see the little fishes and other aquatic creatures swimming or moving at the bottom among those tiny rocks. Many tourists even can’t help reaching for the water and feel as if they are being purified and baptized by nature.

Tracing back to the upstream, you will find the waterfalls splashing in the sunshine and roaring. How amazing the waterfalls are! Walking past the waterfalls, you will step on a narrow mountain track, which is so narrow and forces people to walk in a line one after another. However, it is lucky to travel with birds singing all the way along the track, which is really relaxing.

After about 2 hours’ walking, you will reach the mountain top where there is a village with a long history of more than 600 years. It is surprising to see that there are at least 3 large pots, stoves, dried tree branches and trunks in the front of each yard. And you will find the villagers are so hospital to invite you to their home. But don’t be over happy to follow them, because it is not free of charge. Those pots are prepared for the customers to cook by themselves. City people can experience the real country life there.

Tourists can choose anything the villagers planted and raised to be their cooking ingredients, such as vegetables in the garden, chickens, ducks and meat on the farm, fish in the pond and so on.
You may worry about the fact that it will cost a lot. Don’t worry! It is much cheaper than you have a normal meal in the restaurant downtown--- only 30 RMB or so for each person. They also offer Majiang, cards, chess or something else for entertainment free of charge. You can take you time to spend your whole days there. You will be surprised to see this scene as it is much like a celebration in the countryside.

Breathing the fresh air, tasting the delicious food with breeze and being away from the noisy and busy city center, these are the reasons why Maluan Mountains are so popular with city people.

By the way, if you go there in December or January, you can also have fun picking fruits and experiencing the happiness of harvest. Maluan Mountains are really a fairyland for weekends and vacations. 

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