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Taibai Mountain - Shanxi Land of Utopia

 2013-11-22    kenziLiang    Sights    Shanxi    2305  

After we appreciating the scenery in the city center of Paoki, we started to plan a trip outside the city center, the next day, we packed little things and headed to Mei County, the original county that Taibai Mountain locates. As soon as arrived at Mei County after three-hour bus trip, we first found a place to settle in and then seek some food to get rid of hungry. The little bowl of noodles there was as if the large one in south, even though we were marvelous about this, we still finished it completely, it was just 5 RMB per bowel and it was more delicious than noodles that i ever took in the south China, at that time, i started to believe local food is always the most delicious and authentic one.

According to our schedule, we would spend a day in playing in Taibai Mountain, therefore, before next day came, we went to enjoy the spring swimming pool which is famous in this county. With swimming clothes ready, we dumped into the pool, it was warm and comfortable, and i still remember clearly there was a handsome man lying on the nearby bench who we two used to kidding to start a new relationship, the unacceptable thin there was the changing room, every woman just throw clothes away and showing or walking around the room naked, perhaps we are a little traditional and never did like this before, and we two just changed out clothes in a small room. In the evening, we were wandering along the street and rives.

Next morning, we set up early with cameras and umbrellas ready,(some even brought the coat, but you can rent a coat on top of the mountain, which is about 100~150 RMB per coat) here the purpose for umbrella was that weather at the top of Taibai Mountain was very cold and rainy, though sun was shining in the foot. As for reaching to top of the mountain, there are two methods, for those who love climbing try mountain hikes to experience every scenery from foot to the top; the other method is to take a taxi, there were many taxis special for this, you can stop in each beautiful and famous spot and enjoy yourself for some time, we chose the second method as we don't have much time and strength to climb. 

On the way we moving to the top, we stopped in several places, such as the Ink-splashed Mountain which was named from the famous poet in Tang Dynastic, Libai, and opposite this mountain, it is the ancient plant path that Libai used to describe in in his poetry; there was also the Land of Utopia which was filled with waters and flowers, quiet and silent. The way toward the top was very zigzag and you need to grasp the handrail firmly. the taxi driver was very kind, he even gave his phone to us to keep in contact and let mine to charge in his car as our phone were all out of power.

Weather on the top was really very cold, we couldn't stand for it, many people were standing in a queue to play the cableway, when we were standing in the queue to wait out turn, my brother happen to call me back urgently as my father was in hospital, i was shock and gave up the cable way or others at once and went downhill. Until now, it was a pity for not having experienced the Taibai Mountain fully, but i will go again someday.

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