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Take a Real Food Adventure in Top Cities of China (Part 1)

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Explore some of the best places to eat in China’s most popular cities and try the delicious traditional gourmet that ranges from imperial cuisine to Michelin Guide recommended. Add some gastronomy highlights to your tour of China to make your travels all the more interesting! 


You can literally feast like the Emperors' of the Qing Dynasty at Beijing’s famous imperial cuisine restaurants. One of the most notable imperial cuisine restaurants is Bai Jia Da Yuan where visitors can taste the most authentic imperial cuisine and experience life in the Qing imperial court. All staff at Bai Jia Da Yuan are dressed in traditional Manchurian outfits and greet visitors at the entrance of the restaurant. There is also a wonderful garden complete with pond, pavilion and bridge for guests to sit and enjoy the beautiful view. 


Once you enter you will feel like you have been transported back in time to the Qing Dynasty. The décor of the restaurant is based on how the imperial court once looked with the use of red elaborate pillars and yellow dragon embroidery tablecloths and there is even the Qing Emperor’s throne. To make the whole dining experience enjoyable there is a live performance with dancers and traditional Chinese musical instruments such as the Chinese Zither (Guzheng), Erhu and Pipa. 


When it comes to eating in Shanghai the first thing to top the list is Xiao Long Bao. For most people who have visited Shanghai there is Xiao Long Bao restaurants just about everywhere but there is now a new type of Xiao Long Bao to hit the menus! If you’ve already tried out the original Xiao Long Bao and are looking for something to trigger your taste buds then Paradise Dynasty’s Xiao Long Bao should do the trick! At Paradise Dynasty they have created 7 new flavors of Xiao Long Bao and they come in array of colors! These flavors are Luffa Gourd, Fois Gras, Black Truffle, Cheese, Crab Roe, Garlic and Szechuan.Shanghai-Xiaolongbao-1.jpg


When in Macau you must make a visit to Wong Kung Sio Kung which has been recommended by Michelin Guide. The restaurant is famous for its shrimp roe noodles and silky crab congee. The noodles are handmade by the owner using the traditional bamboo kneading method and are sprinkled with the fragrant and delectable shrimp roe which turns the noodles into a lip smacking delicious treat! The crab congee is made with congee which has been simmered with scallops and yuba for over three hours which creates the silky texture and combined with the finest crabs it is like no other congee! 



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