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Taste the best Coffee at Beijing Berry Beans!

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Berry Beans is tucked away in Zhujia Hutong which is considered one of the “Eight Great Hutongs” of Beijing. Zhujia Hutong was once part of the Qing dynasty red light district and housed at a estimated 20 brothels.

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Berry Beans has been praised as a charming and modern coffee house.The coffee house also has a range of home brewed beers with flavors such as Sichuan pepper, espresso, mandheling coffee and several other distinctive flavors that will sure get your taste buds working. The modern yet vintage décor and the rooftop terrace where customers can enjoy the weather and blue skies has made the coffee house a popular place to hang out. 



The Hutongs in Beijing consist of numerous courtyards joined together. The histories of the Hutongs are interesting as it demonstrated the social class status beginning from the Ming Dynasty where the Forbbiden Palace was the center. Nobles and rich merchants lived in luxurious courtyards situated in the east and west with commoners located north of the palace. 

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