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Many people come to Chongqing for their spicy Chongqing cuisine. It would seem that people in Chongqing are never weary of eating. Thousands of restaurants are scattered throughout every corner of the city, luring customers from home and abroad with their different specialties. Known for its creative new dishes with various materials, there are over 30 cooking methods, above 4,000 dishes, more than 20 tastes and over 10 flavors in Chongqing cuisine, while every single dish enjoy excellent cooking progress and delicious tastes.

Chongqing restaurants in the mountainous city are the best choice to taste the authentic Chongqing dishes.
As a branch of Sichuan cuisine which is the leader of the four major cuisines of China, its representative dishes are Chongqing hotpot, boiled fish, boiled fish with pickled vegetable, old duck soup, hot and sour rice noodles, spicy chicken and Quanshui chicken.

Hot pot is local culinary specialty in Chongqing. Check out the millions of Chongqing hot pot restaurants all around China, and you’ll know how “hot” it is. When eating, the food like beef pork, mutton and other vegetable ordered by customers is boiled in a spicy broth. For catering to the different tastes of customers, hotpot with different flavors like spiciness, sourness and light spiciness can be available.

If you cannot bear the spiciness, you can try other taste. The most famous and representative hot pot are cattle-gut, yuanyang and time-honored "Qiaotou" hotpots. Cattle-gut hot pot are characterized by pungency, dense soup and heavy flavor. As for yuangyang hot pot, the pot is separated into two parts in the middle. One side contains spicy soup and the other bree soup.

Dandan Noodle is another well-known specialty in Chongqing. The authentic Dandan noodle is made up of preserved vegetables, chili oil, minced pork and chopped scallions.

In the past, the noodles were sold by walking street vendors who carried a shoulder pole (dan dan) with two baskets containing noodles and sauces at the either end, that’s how the name Dandan noodle derives.

Other dished like Jiangtuan Fish and Cross the bridge Wonton are also among the list must-try dishes when coming to Chongqing. Located along Jialing River, Chongqing abounds in varieties of aquatic product. Among them, Jiangtuan Fish is a bravo work for its elaborate flavor. The fish is usually served steamed or baked. As for the Cross-the-bridge Wonton, it is famous for its unique eating way. When eating, wonton should be picked out and placed in the sauce. The wonton is characterized by tender and refreshing. You can choose different flavor according to you preference.

Chongqing dished like hot pot has become more and more popular today, and it is widely enjoyed by people and regardless of race or nationality. Bayi Road Food Street located in the most flourishing place - Jiefangbei shopping center is a good place for trying Chongqing cuisine. If you ich to try the spicy, tasty and refreshing Chongqing dishes, come to the source place for the authentic flavors, the inexhaustible creation and variety with materials will challenge your surprise limit.

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