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Tasty and Attractive Sichuan Cuisine

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Sichuan Cuisine enjoyed a worldwide reputation and was one of the Eight Great Cuisines in China. It’s famous for its hot dishes. I thought the essence of Sichuan cuisine was “hot and spicy”, I stayed in Chengdu for about 2 years and got used to this kind of food. I made some friends here and they engaged in various jobs. One of my friends Tom was an executive chief in a star-rated hotel. He was well-known for his superb cooking. I was not good at cooking, sometimes, always asked advices from him and learn some basic cookery. I want to talk about some common dishes in Sichuan.

Gongbao Jiding was made of chicken and peanuts. I could enjoy the dish in all-level restaurants. The super selected chicken breast was cut into dices and fried with hot oil, added peanuts, dry peppers, and other materials. It was said that this dish was invented by Ding Gongbao, who came from Guizhou province. When he was a governor in Sichuan province during Qing Dynasty, his cook often served him this dish. Since then, people called this dish after his name. Mapo bean curd was made by main ingredient doufu, mixed with many minced garlic, chopped scallions, gingers, and red pepper and other ingredients.

I always cook this dish by myself when I was on day off. Literally, Mapo referred to a lady, who was with pitted face. According to the legend, the lady and his husband ran a shop near a bridge. For a long time past, some people named the dish related to the lady. Huiguo Rou was a must order for many people, no matter revisit relatives or entertained guests. It was twice-cooked pork. In general, choose the pork shoulder with the skin, boil for a while until the skin was soft, then sliced the pork and stir-fried with Pixian douban, garlic segments, and other ingredients, until it became brown and smelled sweet and offered best flavor. In most families, it was a daily dish. Hotpot was the most favorite dish in Sichuan and won many people’s love, which was famous for its peppery, spicy and delicious taste.

Chengdu snacks also were famous, with their great looks and taste, very popular for adults and kids. There were great numbers of well-known snacks. Lai Tangyuan actually was rice dumplings. After a man Lai Yuanxin, who was once a vendor peddling on foot. Years later, he set up stores. The stuffing was very sweet, I liked eating every week. Dandan Mian was made of noodles, added spicy flavor. There were some preserved vegetables, vinegar, peanuts, sesame seeds and other ingredients. Literally, it meant shoulder poles. In the past, hawker shouldered his pole and walked along the main street to sell noodles and make a living. Even today, they were still some vendors followed the simple way. Long Chaoshou looked like a wonton. It was made with minced pork, scallions and other seasonings. After finished, then boiled the chaoshou in the water about 6-8 minutes and it’s ready to serve. The leaf-cakes, Bang-Bang chicken, and shaomai also delicious and tasty, I am not going to provide a full list of those snacks. But it’s really great to live in this city.

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