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Ten Mile Gallery of Guilin

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Located at the foothill of Moon Mountain in Yangshuo County, the famous Ten-mile Gallery occupying an area of about 8 square kilometers from the Bagua Heights to Fengyu Cave has got its present name because of the picturesque and poetic scenery along the road. There're an indefinite number of stone peaks that seem to have sprung from the ground, assuming a thousand different shapes, just resembling competing with each other in their sublimity and grandeur.

Those strange peaks seemed wise and powerful, and terrifying in its size. Thick forest and tall bamboos, green fields and misty villages with many famous scenic spots dotted around it here and there. In the tourist spot, all the smooth and crystal clear lakes are hiding in the green cypress and winding mountains, which can give you a natural and earthy feeling. The scenery catches the beauty of the example of ancient civilizations perfectly.

There's the club of the camel crossing the river that grind out the epilogue lingering long in the air at the destination of Ten-mile Gallery. The hills alongside the roads rode up and down and away to the far off mountains. Those landscapes like picturesque peaks are standing at intervals along the river, which is blessed with interesting, novel and generous shape.

The gorgeous was set before us like a bit of scenery on a stage under the shadow of blue sky and white cloud, it's much more like a scroll of Chinese landscape painting from the famous masters, when it's reflected in the pure running stream and clearing water. Your could have a spacious view of those lifelike landscapes, which makes Ten-mile Gallery have the truth of nature and glamour of art.

The major tourist attractions include Wolong Mountains, the Beauty Watching Lion, Peacock Displaying Its Feathers, the Golden Cock Crowed and many more. Along the valleys, there're villages connecting with the mountain fastness where cocks' crying and dogs' barking could be faintly heard. The little cottage nestling amidst the wayside trees, the corkscrew of smoke issuing from the chimney against the green, and a bower of leaves.

The idyllic Ten-mile Gallery is a fine and perfect combination of spirituality, natural beauty and a taste of Chinese southern minority nationalities amorous feeling. Nowadays, Ten-mile Gallery is a must for most visitors to Yangshuo County. Here you could travel and thereby study the customs of the Yao village in Guangxi Province, as of a tranquil scene in a paradise of a place. Every bit of Ten-mile Gallery scenery is worth painting.

The vestiges of an ancient civilization are always characterized by steep hills, thick forest, green bamboo groves and the highly ornamented Baopu Park. With a location near to the wonderful YulongRiver, and situated at the foot of Dragon Horn Mountain.

Baopu Park is widely acknowledged as one rural related and comprehensive integrity spot that is now concentrating on farming civilization and rurality, which are harmonious with the mountain and water around. The river winds through the district. It is indeed one good place for admiring the beauty of the rosy color of dawn.

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