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The Alluring Bosten Lake in Xinjiang

 2014-08-06    Selina Ou    Sights    Bayingolin    2003  

Bosten Lake is the largest inland freshwater lake in China. It is situated on the southeast of Yanqi Basin of Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture of Xinjiang. With its beautiful and attractive scenery, Bosten Lake has been classified as a 5A tourist attraction. It attracts a lot of tourists.

Bosten Lake, meaning “oasis” in Uygur language, was called West Sea in ancient times. About Bosten Lake, there is a beautiful legend. The area where Bosten Lake stands is said to be large lush grassland. But it turned into this large lake by tears of a beautiful girl died of sadness whose boyfriend died because of fighting with the evil God of Rain. The boy called Bosten and the local herdsman named this lake to remember their beautifully sad love story. If we say where there is a lake, there is a beautiful legend. And it is sure where is a lake, there is enchanting scenery. The gorgeous scenery of Bosten Lake is what attracts people there.


Bosten Lake has a total area of 1,228 square kilometers with an altitude of 1,048 meters. The lake is consisted of by the two parts of large lake area and small lakes area. But the whole Bosten Lake scenic area is a splendid scenery picture with rich contents including lake, snow mountains, desert, oasis, plants and animals.

The Bosten Lake is so wide and your eyes cannot reach its boundaries but only catch the magnificent Tianshan Mountain at the other side of the lake. When fog pervades upon the lake, it also blurs the lake and the far distant Tianshan Mountain. But everything goes clearly when sunrises and fog disappears gradually. Or at this time, a group of birds would suddenly break the morning silence with their crispy songs. At the southern part of Bosten Lake, there is the small lake area where winding watercourses crossing and lush reeds growing. Whenever there comes wind, at the large lake area you will see a whole lake of crystal water with shinning glitters, while at the small lake area there are clusters of reeds dancing in the wind.


Summer is the great time to have fun at Bosten Lake. Drift a boat among green reeds, or down to the area where groups of water lily grow to enjoy the pure white or yellow flowers. If in autumn, the reeds are all yellow and bring a mixture of golden reeds leaves and white reeds flowers. And the numerous migrant birds at Bosten Lake is another spectacular to enjoy.



When coming to Bosten Lake, there are also several kinds of interesting entertainments to enjoy. At the south of Bosten Lake, there are sand dunes of different heights and sizes, these make it possible for the development of sand entertainments like sand sliding, sand gliding, sand adventure and other sand sports activities. There will be dragon-boat racing held at Bosten Lake when Dragon Boat Festival, and fish banquet for local people and tourists every year.


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