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The Alluring Sayram Lake in Xinjiang

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Far in the Bole City of Xinjiang under the foot of magnificent Tianshan Mountain, there locates a beautiful alpine lake that has extraordinary scenery. It covers a total area of 453 kilometers and has a maximum depth of 106 meters. With an altitude of 2071 meters above the sea level, Sayram enjoys peaceful natural surroundings.

As Sayram Lake is the furthest place that the Pacific Ocean warm and wet current could reach, it is called the last tear of Pacific Ocean. Behind this romantic name, there is a beautiful sad story about the coming of Sayram Lake. Legend has that Sayram Lake came into being by the tears of a Mongolian couple who died for their sincere love. Is this why there seems a force of magic power existed around Sayram Lake? A sad love story blended with the alluring charming scenery adds special charm to Sayram Lake.

Sayram Lake is a vast lake that is very peaceful and tranquil. The crystal clear and blue water in the lake reflects the surrounding beautiful scenery and the clean sky, and shinning under the sunshine when waves of breezes come. But the peaceful atmosphere of the lake becomes vivid and colorful because of the surrounding grass, flowers, trees and mountains. Because of the mild climate, the surrounded area is a natural pasture that has rich green grass. And you will see groups of horses, cows and sheep in the surround grassland, having a casual time.

Sayram Lake has its beautiful spring when various colorful flowers in full bloom, lush green grass grows, ice thaws and stream trickles, the Sayram Lake becomes a vivid and colorful world.

While summer is the best time for resort in Sayram Lake. In the vast grassland around the lake, there are groups of cows, sheep and horses playing or running there, and scattered yurts give more life to the lake. Every year of the end of July and the early August, there holds the grand Nadam Fair around the lake by Kazak and Mongolian people. At this time, you will not only enjoy the picturesque scenery but also the excellent performance and superb activities in the grand fair.

When autumn, the Sayram Lake has the most attractive golden colors to blend with its blue sky and clear water. For winter, there has another sight. At this pure world, the snow mountains around set off with the green grassland, reflecting in the lake to form a dreamy picture.

If you are early or late enough to stay along the Sayram Lake, you will catch its most beautiful mornings and dawns when sunrise and sunset.

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