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The Amazing View of Napa Sea

 2014-05-27    Young    Sights    Yunnan    1556  

Located in the north of the western edge of Shangri-La County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Region in Yunnan Province, Napa Sea Nature Reserve is fairly flat, surrounded by the mountains on three sides. The ridges are deep in snow in summer and winter. Over ten rivers weaved through the broad prairies and flowed into the Napa Sea. It's with a total area of 31.25 square kilometers, an elevation of 3266 meters above sea level and the lake's flooding area of 660 square kilometers. The real meaning of Napa Sea is a lake in the rear of forest in Tibetan.

Because of the mild climate and four distinctive seasons, the grassland is more flourishing than other places at a similar position. The expanse of lush green grass seems like a boundless carpet covering on the ground. Huge numbers of Sheep, horses and cattle had flocked together by the lake in crowds and groups. They are casually eating grass on a green prairie, and are in total harmony with the vast prairies and smooth cattle-grazing country.

They're the patterns in colors of the green grassland which ran down to the distant horizon, and are the marvelous blossoms of life that will please the eye ever and ever. The mysterious snowy mountains, vast grassland, and groups of cattle and sheep form unique northern-frontier scenery. It also makes the Napa Sea grassland give forth the attraction and vigor of nature.

Despite the fact that it is named as Napa Sea, it is a representative seasonal lake on the plateau. The scenery of Napa Sea in different season also enjoys their own distinct characteristics. Each year as spring turns into summer, the field where the flowers were blossoming profusely and the grass was richly green looked like a carpet adorned with flowers and grass, and full of very fine woods.

The sea has received a lot of rainfall in late summer, and early autumn, thus the surface of the lake is made larger. In the golden autumn, huge numbers of black-necked cranes, doves and yellow ducks come at the appointed time; they fed together and romped about in the same field. Napa Sea is the most perfect habitat of black-necked cranes. During the cold winter seasons, the sea would be turned into vast waters as smooth as a mirror.

It's widely recognized as the most distinctive attraction of the plateau and the most favorable habitat of black-necked cranes, and was blessed with the largest grassland in our county. There's ancient temple of Zhongdian as the venerable ruins of Gunyin Temple above the East Hill. There're sky-kissing ancient trees which spill over the temple grounds to merge with the wooded mountains that are clothed with rich and varied vegetation.

A heap of rubble lay scattered thickly on the ground. When you climbed up to the ancient temple, you could command a broad view of the spread of the prairies, which was indeed a startling sight. The best travelling time to Napa Sea is June. In this month, you might appreciate all kinds of flowers in full bloom contending in beauty.

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