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The Appealing Mouni Valley in Aba of Sichuan

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Located in Songpan County of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, Mouni Valley has attracted people there for its appealing natural landscapes and local unique cultures and customs of the Tibetan and Qiang people. Though Mouni Valley has a distance of more than 300 kilometers from the provincial capital Chengdu, this never stops the steps of tourists going there for the admiration of its alluring scenery.

Mouni Valley occupies an area of 160 square kilometers with a maximum altitude of 4,070 meters above the sea level and a minimum of 2,800 meters. Just because of its high altitude, Mouni Valley has been endowed with nice alpine environment to have natural beautiful alpine scenery. There are lush primitive forests, clear alpine lakes, springs, calcification waterfalls and pools to enjoy. With an annual average of 7 degrees, Mouni Valley is also a great place for summer resort.

The Mouni Valley is primitive, peaceful and colorful. An exploration, like a hiking to the Mounni Valley would bring you a great time. At this valley, there are a lot wonderful views to enjoy. The two major sites inthis Mouni Valley are the Erdao Lake Scenic Area and Zhaga Waterfall. While under the Erdao Lake Scenic Area, there are a series of highlighted sites to be found.

At the northern part of the Mouni Valley, there stands the Erdao Lake Scenic Area. This scenic area is actually a long and narrow valley formed by a string of small lakes, among which famous ones are the Rose Willow Lake, Swan Lake, Baihua Lake and Rhinoceros Lake. Along the plank from the bottom of the valley upward, you will see the chain of lakes scattered there like pearls and jades. Some hidden in the forest, while others lie under the sky, quiet and tranquil. These lakes have clear and crystal water, with peculiar grass and flowers growing around and stalactites in the bottom, all these become special and dazzling under the sunshine.

While in the other side of the mountain of this secluded Erdao Lake Scenic Area, there locates the lively Zhaga Waterfall. The waterfall locates in an altitude of 3,270 meters with a height of 93.2 meters and a width of 35 meters. Zhaga Waterfall is a multi-leveled waterfall and each level has its own changes and characteristics.

The upper stream of Zhaga Waterfall is a lake, it is peaceful and quiet. While after the flat lake platform, the waterfall drops to multi-leveled riverbeds. It surges down from the upper stream, hitting the lower riverbeds heavily with thunder sounds and crashes of water drops like pearls splashed on a plate. This magnificent waterfall brings the grand views of turbulent waterfall is a must to enjoy at this scenic area.

Peaceful and quiet, rich and changeable, elegant and grand, with the special local customs, Mouni Valley has been a hot destination when travel to Sichuan.

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