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The Astonishing Beauty of Baishan Lake

 2014-05-20    Young    Sights    Jilin    1881  

Located only 90 km away from Baishan Hydropower Station Reservoir Area along the upper reaches of Songhua River, Baishan Lake is the largest artificial lake in northeast China, and the water surface accounts for 40 square kilometers. It has long been known as "The Lijang River in the North" and has been listed as AA rated national scenic area. Situated halfway up the lofty mountains and high ranges of Changbaishan Mountains, Baishan Lake is framed like a vast emerald in its setting of towering mountains.

There is the largest underground hydro-electric station in northeast China built onto the side of the lake. Above the hydro-electric station is one large dam that a smooth lake rises in the narrow gorges. On all sides, wherever the eye turned, nothing met it but a whole forest of scenic spots. The dam often has a splendor which matches in beauty and scale the country's natural wonders.

Baishan Lake scenic spot enjoys a unique geographic advantage and ecological dominancy which had made it become the major development projects at the national and provincial level. For hundreds of kilometers around the scenic area, the precipitous and abrupt hills are the largest and most beautiful landscape. Peaks rising one upon another completes a panorama most agreeable to the romantic temperament.

The picturesque rocks of scenic value could be added to the allure of the scenic spot. The hard-featured rocks on the shore are blessed with unique contrast beauty, natural beauty of artistic conception and remarkable visual beauty of appearance. Numerous natural landscapes have reached a hundred places where can please not only your eyes but also your mind.

The magnificent Baishan Hydropower Station Dam could dam up the river and cut across the mountains. The smooth and spacious surface of the lake reflected the green trees on both sides of the river. Here you could have a glimpse of a far-reaching blue lake, looks like a green ribbon winding among the green hills on the green and rippling Baishan Lake, while nestling in a landscape of unspoilt natural beauty and gorgeous mountain splendor. The peculiar pieces of stones are strikingly true to life and astonishing lifelike.

Standing on the Jingui Stone with heads held high, you could feast your eyes on the whole of Baishan Lake and the beauty between man and the nature. The deep slit like a gigantic monument was reflected in the lake with a wonderful distinctness, better far than the magnificent scene in the Lijang River. The birds' twitter and fragrance of flowers are seen everywhere, and they seemed eager to contribute to the changes brought by the spring.

The nature carved landforms unlike anything else on the Baishan Lake, which made the lake from north to south become sharply contrasted landscapes. The picturesque rocks soar above the horizon on the south bank; the curving hills scalloped the edge of the light-blue sky on the north bank, sloping into the clouds. Baishan Lake derives its name from its rarely beautiful and charming natural landscapes and beautiful legend.

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