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The Attractive Manghe Scenic Spot

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Manghe Scenic Spot is sitting on the boundary of the Manghe Town about 33 kilometers south from the downtown area of Yangcheng County in Shanxi Province and the Jiyuan City in Henan Province. In total, the scenic spot accounts for an area of some 5,573 hectares. It is a national natural preservation area for the sake of preservation of macaques and subtropical vegetation.

The nice and mild climate here is cool in summer and warm in winter. The mean annual temperature here is 14 degree celsius, with forest coverage reaching over 80%. Manghe Scenic Spot has been long reputed as a treasure-house of plants and animals in Shanxi Province. Particularly the macaques in the preserve belong to the northernmost regions of natural geographic distribution in our country.

A total of 285 species of animals and 882 species of seed plants inhabit the Manghe Scenic Spot, of whom black stork, golden eagle and Panthera pardus are listed under State first-class protection for the sake of protecting these rare and precious animals; the plants under first class protection include yew trees.

More to the point, the yewlike evergreen trees and shrubs of eastern Asia are blessed with large seeds enclosed in a fleshy envelope; sometimes cultivated as ornamentals. The yew tree is one of those rare subtropical tree species in the north of China. Great attentions have been paid to the dogwood for its important medicinal and economic value.

It is said that the dogwood is the most extensively distributed of the trees with a long history. Therefore, Manghe gorge got another name the home of the dogwood trees. There are four characteristics of Manghe Tourism Scenic Spot which are wonderful, serene, vicious and graceful. It enjoys a good name of the Little Guilin in northern China.

The crystal clear water is like a translucent jade bracelet, the elegant mountain is like that of a very precious poem and painting. The beautiful scenery is more like the daedal hand of nature gifted by nature. It's the hand scroll of beautiful painting with fairy mountain and holy water. There is rich tourist resource in Manghe Scenic Spot.

The calcified ground landscape with the overall length of 10 kilometers is considered as the only one calcified valley landscape in eastern China by concerned experts. The water of Manghe was clear to the bottom. The view is delightful and charming in all four seasons, especially ring upon ring of woods tinted with deep red that is the most pleasant scenery in this golden season of autumn.

There are many tour scenic spots here; the most outstanding among them is the Mount Yunmeng, the cloud and mist hanging over the mountain. Staying at the top of the mountain, you could look afar to a series of mountain shadows like a scene of bustling activity. When you positioned yourself in the valley, the bewitchingly charming scene was very pleasing to the visitors. It's the favorite place for visitors to go sightseeing and stay in the shelter against the heat of the day.

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