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The Attractive Yang Causeway in Guilin

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The world-famous Yang Causeway County is located in the northern portion of Yangshuo County. The township government took the dyke Yang Causeway as the place where troops are stationed, which is 39 kilometers away from the city of Yang Causeway County and 50 kilometers away from Guilin City, occupying a total area of about 102.8 square kilometers.

The long stretch of the Lijiang River with "one mountain, one river and one poem" is just like a ink and color landscape painted scroll, which is said to be "paintings of poetry and poetry in paintings", reaching the highest artistic boundary and forming the clear and traditional features of ethnic groups.

If we compare the Lijiang River to a long lyric poetry, then the part from Guilin to Caoping is only a preliminary of the poem while the part from Caoping to Yang Causeway is the major melody of it, where the canopy of the heavens slowly opened on the curtains, all you see before you is the Yangshuo County of indescribable beauty.

The Yang Causeway resort starts from the Yang Causeway Guanyan village in the north, and then comes to the Xingping sightseeing area. The river section that stretches for as long as 18 kilometers, is considered to be the golden part of the Lijiang River.

The Yang Causeway road is said to be just 12 kilometers away from the second-grade highway of Guilin. The Yang Causeway is a typical mountain area with unique customs, simple and honest folkway. Here you can keep far away from urban sound pollution, and hear the silence of wonderland free of modern industry's pollution. This section of the river ran meanderingly through the area, which made a unique traditional Chinese painting with its clear water and clusters of pinnacles, the thick scenes of steep mountains and mountain-shadows and luxuriant tree groves.

The County of Yang Causeway belongs to the typical lava landscape area. Mountains rise straight up within its territory. Much of its landscape is what has been aptly described as "nine mountains with half water and half field." Here you could have a hearty experience of nature's primeval beauty and quietness of Yang Causeway, where the river is just looking like the green ribbon while the mountains resembled jade hairpin.

The most attractive places are Xiangba Island, Banbian Qidu, The Glimpses of the Moon, Moonlight Island, Water Curtain Cave, and the Spectacular of Lang Stone. During the low-flow seasons, Yang Causeway is considered as the sailing shore where visitors could cruise the Li River by tourist boat. The scenery in this region is the essence of the beautiful sights along the Li River.

Apart from the splendid view, it also has charming and gentle rurality scenes such as the mountain peaks, waterfalls, fresh green vegetation and water villages, which all of them are enchanting as if with a magic spell. Here you could have the option of going bamboo rafting and tracing the river down. The spectacular scenery with meandering flow water and picturesque cragged peaks is closely linked. 

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