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The Beautiful Emerald Island in Qinghuangdao

 2014-04-29    Selina Ou    Sights    Qinhuangdao    2079  

For most people in Beijing, if they are going to a have a leisure travel in the beach, Beidaihe should be their first convenient choice. But there is an island not far away from the famous Beidaihe that is also very attractive and beautiful? This island is called Emerald Island, and it should be another great choice for a beach tour for people travel around Beijing.

Emerald Island is situated in the southern point of the famous Gold Coast National Nature Reserve in Changli County of Qinguangdao City in Hebei Province. The island is about 270 kilometers away from Beijing and about 40 kilometers away from Beidaihe.

Emerald Island is actually a peninsula surrounded by Bohai Sea and Qili Sea in the east, south and west. This island mainly consists of yellowish sand and green vegetation. What you see most in this island are the piles of sand hills. These rolling sand hills are piled with yellowish fine sand in elegant curves and beautiful shapes. Some places are as high as 44 meters, which create great conditions for the activities of sand sliding.

What attracts tourists most there is the spectacular of the combination of marine and desert landscapes. Far along the coast is the sea present emerald clear water under the blue sky, while here at hand are the rolling sand hills presenting a landscape of desert. But also among the vast sand beach, there are green vegetation planted for decoration and freshness.

Emerald Island is also a kingdom for many birds. At this island you can find many species of birds and animals, the most famous ones are the Saunders Gulls and amphioxuses.

The clean and clear water in addition to the fine sand, soft coastlines and gentle tides make Emerald Island is a super great place for sea bathing and swimming. Also there are many other exciting and interesting activities to enjoy for the rich entertainments in the island.

Sand sliding should be the most popular entertainment in Emerald Island. You can drive a paraglider, flying from the top of a sand hill then rushing into the sea to experience the thrilling feelings. Or you can just riding the paraglider and have an enjoyable roaming above the beach.

At the same time, a football match or a beach volleyball match is often seen in the beach. Laughter, shouting, even screaming are always found in the beach. Or taking a boat outside the sea and see what you will find in the sea.

Camping in the beach should be a great choice to enjoy the charming night views of the island. A barbecue, a bonfire, a song, a dancing, a full sky of bright stars, a gust of sea wind, and the sound of waves, this should be one of the most unforgettable nights.

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